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  • 13th Oct, 2017

If you think dining out is expensive, then don’t think it will get cheaper if you sign up with Pay Half Club!

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I am a foodie. I have always loved trying new dishes. I actually waste a lot of my time just looking up restaurants and menus and the ambiance and whatnot and adding it to my overflowing bucket list of restaurants to visit. And then in most cases, as soon as I visit the place, I uncheck it on the bucket list so that I can go again. Hence the overflowing list. Anyway, you can see how this can quickly start piling up in terms of costs, right? That’s what kept me in check. The problem with the world right now is that solutions are only a few internet clicks away. And turns out there was a solution to my problem.

Or at least I thought it was a solution. I had no idea then that Pay Half Club would be a scam. I found their ad when I was on the internet one day, looking at reviews of some restaurant or the other. They were one of the sponsored ads on the page. The ad said that if you signed up with the app, you would only have to pay half the price on your bill amount when you ate out. I clicked the ad for more info, and I was redirected to I had never come across anything like this offer before, and was honestly intrigued. So I was looking around their site pretty curiously. It didn’t escape my notice that their site was extremely well done. Seriously, my immediate thought was that the person who ran this site and the app must be one hell of a professional.

This was the deal. I would have to pay $30 a month. They had a list of participating restaurants, and if I ate at any of them, my bill amount would be reduced. This only extended to entrees and drinks, but I still thought it was a damn good deal. And the best part? The fee didn’t just cover you! You could take other people along and what they ate wouldn’t be charged for the whole amount either! To be precise, you can take along another adult, and up to 3 under eighteens! Who could let that offer go?

I also asked four of my best friends to become members using me as their referee. According to the app and site, once these people became active, my membership would become free, meaning I wouldn’t even have to pay the $30 every month. To be fair, they didn’t have partnerships with many restaurants, but I thought since they were new, they would find people soon.

My family and I went out for dinner one night after we picked a place from Pay Half Club’s restaurant list. We had a great time there, and when the bill came, I told them that I had signed up with Pay Half Club. The guy went back to his manager, who told him that they didn’t do that anymore. I went up to the manager myself when I heard this, only to hear from him that Pay Half Club had not kept up their end of the deal with that restaurant, so they weren’t accepting members or their Pay Half Club credentials anymore. I was shocked! I had signed up to pay for a year with these people! I paid the whole bill amount and left angrily.

The next day, I contacted Pay Half Club to see what they had to say for themselves. Their shitty customer service department is perhaps the worst I have seen in my entire life. They told me that they would get back to me in 2 working days. I told them to cancel my membership with them. They didn’t call back but I didn’t care about that all that much. I only cared when I was debited $30 the next month by these bastards. When I called, they told me it was my own fault. Apparently, I would have to give it in writing if I needed my membership cancelled. Fuming, I wrote a statement to the fuckers and hoped that they would leave me alone

I lost money the next month too. They claimed to have never gotten my statement! I had no choice then but to take it up with my credit card company. I have since changed my card so that Pay Half Club cannot continue to rip me off.

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