GID Group in Grand Prairie Texas, Texas, US

  • 4th Oct, 2017

Dishonesty at its best, dealing with the GID Group in Grand Prairie, Texas

  • Report #5YCIV
  • Reporter ISTEVERNAR

This is Stephanie and I’m a 35 year old single mother to two of the most adorable kids on earth. And this is the story of the most immature and thoughtless decision I took in my life, while the first one being my marriage, well that’s life anyways.

I’m talking about this fraudulent and disgraceful company run by the two innocent and decent looking goons out there. They call themselves Roger and Rodney Wagner; don’t know if these are their real names or are as made up as their company.

Their con took me over with a cup of hot coffee; I remember this absolutely clear as the coffee was as disgusting as my experience with them. They guided me towards making an investment in their proposal, while this investment would cover me for any of the losses and they lied and cheated me over their reliable account at the Jackson Law firm in Dallas, Texas.

Nothing that I knew about the shady deal and the sickening commitment in the trap I was heading towards. These scammers offered me a deal that would offer me to invest a certain bulky amount, while they’d pay me back at 5% each week for the initial 20 weeks and then the amount would get doubled over to 10% every week for the rest of the 20 weeks.

As intended into their amazing way of talking and polished, convincing skills, these assholes managed to rip me off by making me invest an amount of my hard earned money. I trusted the shit out of these bastards and agreed to invest an amount of $10,000 into their money-spinning trick.

To my surprise, there sprinters managed to send back $500 back in my account, only to be able to win my trust in these maggots. Right after that I get the shock of my life, while they informed that this particular sick platform was now closed and shut.

Ever since then I have been after these brutes, asking to just return my principal amount and just keep the rest of the interest of added amount up on their filthy sleeves. But only to get frustrated and depressed, these hoodlums and nowhere to be reached or contacted.

Being a single mother, the amount really meant a lot to me and to my disgrace and immaturity I wasted the entire hard earned sum on a stupid and unreal proposal by these two thugs who have conned me to the core and snatched the money out from me.

I don’t know if these two scammers would be caught, so as to grant me that justice along with several others who have survived huge loses by these rippers, but certainly this would be my plea to all you people out there, to stay clear and be alert enough to investigate amply before you make a commitment and an investment.

There are many such cases with the attorneys who are also looking for these two hooligans and are trying hard to extract the money and the peace they have managed to seize away from innocent people!







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