Wildwood Management Group San Antonio, TX, US

  • 16th Oct, 2017

Beware of this wonky Wildwood Management Group Company!

  • Report #5YC8Q
  • Reporter LBINTENSMA

It was the first time I was in a metro city, in the hope to settle down in SAN ANTONIO. I had already bought a well-furnished, luxurious home. In two days, I came to know that my air-conditioner, which was inbuilt in the home, was leaking a lot. The homeowners who live below my flat were complaining about it all day. I asked many people about the maintenance service.

And finally, I got a technician to fix it. He fixed it and charged me for it and left for the day. But after 2 weeks, I saw that my AC was leaking again. I called my technician again for the servicing and he asked about this SHIT. He fixed it again and after verifying it, he told that it was a problem created by the homeowner’s maintenance service.

I clicked my mind that I was ordered this maintenance by a maintenance firm named WILDWOOD MANAGEMENT GROUP. They were not so slandered in the maintenance business. I quickly emailed to their website for the review of their HOA program which they had accomplished 3 months ago. But I got no reply even after a week. Seriously! Very bad customer service they provided. I waited for their response and emailed them again several times, but the result came null.

I sent my technician to their office which was at 2611 N Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212. Then I lodged a complaint about the HOA they had done. They accepted my complaint but gave me a shock by providing me a fee structure, really! Fee for a complaint also? They said they have their own policy about fee structure and they also filed me a late fee.  Then they gave me a letter for the project accomplishment which also cost me $35.

I was just pissed off on taking their MANAGEMENT service. Actually, that company was not even able to be called as a Management Company; they don’t have employee management also. But this time, I needed their service so I did not say anything in the hope they would manage to fix my AC soon. But I was wrong.

After my complaint, they sent their own technicians for review of the project. They inspected my property totally including all they had done before. And they returned without accomplishment of the work. I called for them. This was quite terrible. I again went to the company. This time, I waited for more than an hour to meet their so-called customer representative. I was pissed off. But I managed to talk him sincerely about the problem I’d faced. Her name was Angela and she talked nicely at first and checked the review report that the inspection officers had made before.

She said that they had worked perfectly; the problem I was facing was not their fault. It’s your technician’s fault that he can't repair that, she said. But my technician had already told me that it was their problem.

I argued with her that they should take another review and that this was totally their fault. But she told me that it was my problem and that they couldn’t help me in that case. I was FUCKED.  She clearly said in harsh language that they have nothing to fix and can in no way rectify this situation. I was trapped like a bird in a cage. I could not do anything. I understand now that they are fooling people around about their management services; their only motto is to collect HOA money.

I was fooled by them and no way was left for me, other than consulting another management company to fix this SHIT. I knew it will cost me more money but I could not do anything. I contacted another management company and this time, I verified them before assigning the job. I did not want to be cheated again and again ‘cos these types of companies first seem like competent but after some time, you will realize that they are cleaning your clock.

They will take you in the bottle first by telling you how good they are in their work but soon they will show you their ugly faces. I think these types of BASTARDS should be fucked in public for their guilt. Making people a fool and looting their money is a serious offence. They should be hung upside down and should be beaten with rods. I request you all to not get taken by this bunch of flimflam artists.

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