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  • 8th Oct, 2017

If you want to lose weight, do it the old fashioned way. Do not listen to Dr. Eric Berg!!!

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  • Reporter SWENCTIOUS

We have all heard of all those wonder drugs that can apparently make you lose weight if you eat one after dinner every night. Or no diet plan, nor workout weight loss programs. I don’t think these things have ever worked for anyone. But we want to believe that we can lose weight easily, without having to sweat it out. It never happens, no matter how much money you pay for it. The only way is for you to get down to it, watch what you eat and work out so you can stay fit, strong and healthy. I learned this the hard way, after I met with the biggest asshole I’ve ever known - Dr. Eric Berg. This guy is a phony.

I had had three kids in 2012. Things kept me really busy for the next couple of years. I was putting on weight and I knew it. But I didn’t have any time to hit the gym or even go for a walk. And I was stress eating a lot. It’s incredibly pressurizing to take care of three kids and run a household too. So my health took a big hit. I put on about 120 lbs. in the span of two years. I started feeling a lot of pain in my joints because of this. At one point, it got so bad I wasn’t able to do every day things without pain. That’s when I decided that it was important that I take what my body was telling me seriously. By then the kids had gone to school too, so I had time on my hands.

I tried weight loss programs, and diet programs and workout challenges. It was all too exhausting. I didn’t have the motivation to keep going. I gave up so many times, only to get scared and start over again. In the end, I realized I needed professional help. I remembered one of my neighbors talking about Dr. Eric Berg, from the Health and Wellness Center. I called them at 707 354 7336 to fix an appointment. I was asked to come down in two days.

I first met Dr. Eric Berg on the 7th of October 2015. He seemed like the sweetest guy ever. He told me that a lot of moms underwent the same problems I did, and that they had a specially curated plan for people like me. I told him very clearly that I was not okay with ruining my body by taking pills. He laughed and assured me that I would not be taking any pills. At the end of the meeting, I was asked to pay $1,600 for the entire program. It seemed like a lot, but at that point, I was desperate. I was willing to pay anything he asked.

Two days after I paid the money, I was called to come in. I didn’t see Dr. Eric Berg. Instead, I was pushed onto a younger doctor, who was his assistant. He prescribed some pills for me. I told him Dr. Eric Berg had said that I wouldn’t be needing any, but the guy just shrugged and asked me to eat them. He told me that they weren’t harmful to my body. So I grudgingly took them. He also put me on a very restrictive diet. It was almost entirely just vegetables and soup. I wasn’t a dietician, but I thought there was something wrong with it: I wasn’t going to get enough protein! And on top of that, the guy asked me to work out for hour each day! I voiced my concern, but he just shot me down and asked me to follow his instructions.

I tried calling Dr. Eric Berg that day, but was told that he was on leave for the next two weeks. I did as I was told in those two weeks, but I was exhausted and could barely walk. I hadn’t lost any weight at all. I tried to contact him again, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone. I fainted one day, and decided I was done with this.

Three months later, I’ve lost 60 lbs. just eating whole foods and working out for 30 minutes a day. No pills. This is the only thing that works.

Dr. Eric Berg is a cheat. There is absolutely no point paying him money and hoping the plan will work – because it just won’t.

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