Source One Companies Madison,, Wisconsin, US

  • 5th Jan, 2017

Daniel Nucum of Source One Companies is a Sinner, Scammer

  • Report #5YCG1
  • Reporter BRONILLICE

Involving religion to win trust and betray after selling scams is a heinous crime. This is definitely the worst kind of scam you can ever think of. I think notorious scam artists have got something unique to them. In Daniel Nucum’s (Source One Companies) case, it was using religion to make a swift entry into victim’s lives. I’ve suffered the pain for four months. My name is Kevin and there’s no one better to expose him than me. He contacted me in the month of September. Everything turned into dust, gradually.

He introduced himself as finance expert with several big development projects under his belt. It was mere coincidence I was also looking for such an opportunity. The guy was so smart he showed us a great presentation to support his claims. He brainwashed all of us. We’re completely sold.

After working with him for two months, I got to know the real person. There’s no better term to describe him- Scammer. In those two months, I lost the count of relationships that got affected as a result of association with him. It was the biggest mistake. The market reputation took a hit. I never ran a background check on Daniel Nucum of Source One Companies. We’re blinded by our desire and dream to make it big. We’re playing into his hands and he took complete advantage.

The guy crashed the professional circle. He scammed people without our knowledge. We’re never informed about it. I’ve no clue which business proposals he sold to them to extract money. We got to know about it, once we decided to break our association with him.

I never thought he would cheat us in this way. He didn’t hurt us directly but he damaged our reputation. Another disturbing thing about him is he used religion as a cheap trick.

I can see it clearly why he played upon religion. He wanted to lend credibility and strength to his campaign. I must accept that it worked. He fooled all of us. What kind of a person uses religion to scam people?

I’d to make a public announcement to get rid of this bastard. There was no other option left for us. We’d to accept our mistake and inform others about it. There was another reason behind it. I wanted to save other families from it.

There wasn’t a better time. I know this person inside out. I request everyone to check the credentials before trusting someone with money. I think we shouldn’t get blinded by someone who uses religion as a selling trick.

We need to stand against Daniel Nucum (Source One Companies) and other scammers. I doubt if he has ever completed any project or know investors to get funding. His motive is to sell fake dreams and cheat. He makes a living on your dreams, to put things across. It’s time for us to stop taking anyone for granted who charms his way by talking religion and fancy titles to sell business proposal. 

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