Dayna Martin US

  • 10th Jan, 2017
  • $1,545 Reported Loss

Dayna Martin is a Big Time Fraud – Uses Unschooling as a Way to Trap People

  • Report #5YCKW
  • Reporter GUNIGARION

Dayna Martin is not what she says she is. I am Mona and both my kids have followed the unschooling method of learning. They both have been home schooled. I have been following Dayna since quite some time now and she seemed to have good ideas and faith about radical unschooling. I don’t intend to be a bitch but this woman is all about the money and the ideas and belief mean nothing to her. For her, she just wants attention and blind followers who will never question her about her bad practices.

Dayna has been taking a lot of different seminars along with her husband and one of my friends Debbie was going to attend it. She bought tickets for herself and three more friends which are close to a total of $1545. Unfortunately, all of them had other things and they couldn’t make it. So they asked Dayna for a refund. She agreed to do that but within 45 days. My friend was fine with that. It is better late than never. The amount was big so she just wanted it back and was ready to wait.

After the said 45 days, there was nothing in her account and as expected, this cheat Dayna Martin started ignoring her mails. Debbie wrote to her husband as well but in vain. This is really shitty. All this online presence and she couldn’t be too busy to reply because she updated her site. This proved to us that she is a fraud. Debbie consulted a friend who is a lawyer but she can’t technically do anything about it since she already paid for the tickets. So now she is stuck and the emails from Dayna saying she will refund the money.

I suggested her to put those emails online and unmask this cheater but she is afraid she won’t get her money back in that case. She is so innocent she still thinks maybe Dayna is not a fraud and that she will get her money back. $1545 is not a small amount. I am sure Dayna and her husband spent it all on themselves. This is so sick that people are using the alibi of parenting and children to make money. This is absolutely sick. My friend and m sure a lot other people lost their money. It should be about faith and wanting to believe in the idea and not forced.

Dayna should stop playing with people’s emotions. We, who believe in the ideology of Unschooling are serious about it and believe in it. It is not a trend for us. And it shouldn’t be a money making business for others. Please share if you had similar experiences with this con-woman and let’s try to keep each other updated about her frauds. Don’t get carried away by her emotional act. That’s not who she is. It is all fake and she doesn’t care about anyone or their pain. She just cares about herself.

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