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  • 10th Jan, 2017

Do not contact John Anderson for anything – you’d be better off fixing your credit record yourself

  • Report #5YCKA
  • Reporter LSTHALLROU

I got married in 2012 to my wife. We moved to Las Vegas when I got a job there. My wife worked as a chef, and in a couple of months, she got a new job too. Everything seemed like it was going okay. But then we unexpectedly got pregnant in 2015. Neither of us wanted to get an abortion, so we decided that we were going to have the baby after all. It was a pretty big decision, since we hadn’t even talked about having kids before then.

So we were both pretty excited, but we were also kind of worried. We made enough money between the two of us, but we knew with a baby on the way, the costs would mount up pretty soon. So my wife made a decision to work as long as we could. We saved up, and we bought baby stuff whenever we could, whenever they were on sale.

That’s when it hit us that we were running out of space in our double bedroom apartment. We wanted our child to grow up in a home with a yard. Once we started talking about all the things we wanted in the new house, we couldn’t wait to get it. Of course, we knew we would have to take out a loan to buy the house. In a couple of weeks, we had found the perfect little place too.

That’s when we went all out and started looking for someone who would be willing to give us a loan with a reasonable interest rate. The problem was our credit record. It wasn’t too great. We’d both made some mistakes in the past, and we had a joint card and account. So we were desperate to get all the negative marks fixed as soon as we could, so that we could move forward on the loan front. Thing is, we didn’t know a thing about how to go about fixing the record. I asked a work friend, and he shrugged and said that he’d just gone to a consultancy agency to get it done. He said the experience was completely hassle free and it wasn’t too expensive either. So my wife and I decided that’s what we’d do too.

When I was looking for trustworthy people, I came across John Anderson on the internet. People had written that they had had great experiences working with him, and his prices were extremely cheap, compared to others who offered the same services. I realize now in hindsight that he probably got people to write him fake reviews. Maybe the slimy bastard even wrote them himself. I don’t know.

Anyway, we called him at 702-580-8870 to see what he could do for us. He had a deep voice that instantly put me at ease. We had a few questions about the kinds of services he offered. He said that he would constantly update us on what was going on with our credit score situation, and that at the end of it, he would also have someone talk to us about maintaining a clear record in the future. We were pretty satisfied with the way he spoke to us, and thought that he would be professional about the whole thing. He said we would have to pay him upfront, and stupid people as we were, we went ahead and gave him the money he asked.

We didn’t have that many negative credits or that many irregularities to fix, but he still demanded a hefty fee of $1,875. It did seem like a lot, but my wife had entered her third trimester, and we didn’t want to be stingy about a few hundred bucks and end up losing the house or anything. He said he would call us in two weeks with some news.

Surprise, surprise. He didn’t call us. We waited three weeks before we decided to call him. He didn’t pick up then either. When we tried a couple of days later, the call wouldn’t even go through. He’d taken our money and simply gotten rid of that number so that we couldn’t call him and ask him what was going on.

Remember, don’t ever pay anyone in advance unless you know them in person. They’re most likely to be a scammer and this is what they will do to you if they know you trust them.

Oh yeah, we lost the house thanks to this asshole.

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