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  • 25th Jan, 2017

Melodie Z. Scott is the biggest cheat you will ever meet – she takes advantage of the innocent and vulnerable

  • Report #5YCL4
  • Reporter ULVERNATHY

If you do a simple Google search, then you will able to do your own research on what the word ‘conservator’ means. But I’ll tell you what it means anyway. A conservator is someone who is legally responsible for the health, well-being and sometimes even day to day activities of a person who cannot take care of themselves. And of course, the conservator would have access to the funds of their wards too. In any case, conservators are often appointed for elderly people who find it difficult to take care of themselves. These old people have no one else to look after them.

This is a story about my neighbor, Mrs. Parkinson and how she was ripped off by a bitch named Melodie Z. Scott. The year was 2013. I lived across the street from Mrs. Parkinson. She was an extremely sweet lady – we’d known her for as long as we’d lived there. We’d moved to the neighborhood 8 years ago, and she’d already been living there with her husband. They were nice to us right from the beginning, and even baby-sat for us a few times when our usual baby sitter didn’t show.

We were all devastated when Mr. Parkinson passed away in 2012. He was 72 years old and he passed away from a heart attack. His wife now lived all alone, and we were all really worried for her. The couple didn’t have any kids, and no relatives had visited them in all the time we’d known them. Their friends were also old people.

In March of 2013, Mrs. Parkinson fell down the stairs. Thankfully, she wasn’t in any serious trouble. She had broken her hip and we’d stood by her through surgery. We went out of our way to help her for about a month, with the recovery process. But then it proved too much for us after a while, with full time jobs and kids to take care of. So that’s when we decided to raise the alarm and bring in a conservator who could take care of her needs without our involvement.

That’s how we first came across Melodie Z. Scott. She is the president of this company called Conservatorship and Resources for the Elderly – C.A.R.E. Inc. This company had been around for a long while and a lot of people were talking about it. What we should have done was meet with the people ourselves to make sure they were doing good work, but we honestly didn’t think that was necessary. After all, who would prey on old people who couldn’t protect themselves? That’s what we thought.

This fucking asshole did just that. One of her representatives met with Mrs. Parkinson and got her to sign the deal. After that, we thought everything would go smoothly, and that she would be well looked after. And we thought she might appreciate a bit of space from us after we’d been lingering around for the better part of a month, so we stayed away a little bit that summer. We went away for vacation for a couple of weeks. We thought we’d drop in to say hi one day after we returned.

Only to find that the poor woman was living in a dump of a home. No one had been sent to help her either, so she’d been hobbling along as best as she could, with little help. It was horrible. She trusted us, so she told us all about it. She said someone had come by after we left to ask her about her account information, as her conservator. She’d given in to them, and had started receiving receipts every two or three days after that. They were all things she didn’t invest in or buy. She had no idea who to contact or what to do. They’d told her all kinds of things about how someone would be sent to her home to stay with her 24/7 but no one had bothered to show up.

We were furious with Melodie Z. Scott and C.A.R.E Inc. We called them up right away and yelled at them. We are suing them for taking advantage of a woman they had promised to take care of. This is what they do. They abandon old people until they die so that the money just passes to them. This is what Melodie Z. Scott stands for. DO NOT TRUST THIS BITCH.

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