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  • 7th Oct, 2017

Nu Skin is a horrible, horrible company – don’t pay them a single dollar for anything, ever!

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Open up your laptop, and log on to Everything will seem amazing. Their products will seem like the best, and everything about this shitty company will seem super professional. But that’s all just a marketing gimmick. They spent a lot of money on making their website good. As a company, Nu Skin has no principles and they certainly won’t care if they rip you off as part of their business model. This is who they are and this is why you should stay far away from them. If an agent comes by and tells you all about how great their services are and how cheap the whole thing is, understand that he/she is lying. This is how they con people like you and me, who have no idea the whole thing is a scam.

My experience with Nu Skin cost me a lot of money and left me traumatized for months. I had been told that they offered a lot of really good products. So I decided to go for something small and see if I liked it. I spoke to a guy named Steve on the phone. He seemed really polite and told me all my different options. I told him very specifically that I wasn’t looking for auto renewal kind of plan right now, and that I was just going to try things out for a month. I had intended to buy only one product. But Steve was so charming that he managed to get me to buy 2, for a total price of $510.

The products soon turned up. The first time I used them, I knew they weren’t for me. I have very sensitive skins and the lotions I had ordered were also supposed to be made for sensitive skin. They were no good. I don’t think they’d have been good on anyone’s skin, let alone sensitive skin. I’d opened the bottles though, so I knew trying to get a refund would be a huge headache. So I decided to let it go, and just never buy from Nu Skin again. This happened in December.

In January, however, I got an email from Nu Skin saying they were going to ship my products in 5 days. The bastards had put me on an auto renewal plan even though I’d made it very clear I didn’t want that! It was crazy! I called them up to see what the hell was going on, and the sales rep I spoke to said that this was how it was, and they couldn’t do anything about it. I was already charged the money.

I’m getting my credit card company onto this now. I have to answer a thousand questions to everyone thanks to these scammers. Do not buy any of the lies these people will tell you to get you to invest in their products. Their products suck so much, and Nu Skin is such a joke.

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