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  • 7th Oct, 2017

I read about Real American Fulfillment, Inc. on various sites and I can confirm it’s a scam. I actually received the same email everyone got.

  • Report #5YCDO
  • Reporter ODARCURATE

First of all, the site has been taken down but I believe there are a number of mirrors around the Web.

These guys sent a ton of these emails and they probably got a number of people to fall for their scam. I had a nice talk with an FBI agent in charge of investigating internet frauds and he explained to me how it actually works.

It all starts with the email. Usually, the email is much simpler than the one Real American Fulfillment is sending and it doesn't have all the fancy details. Rob (FBI agent) explained to me that these guys have put a lot of thought and effort to make this look as legit as it can.

If you manage to create a good story and focus the victim’s attention to those details, you have a better chance that the victim will fall into the trap. Well, these bastards paid special attention to making that letter look as if it was sent by a really large company. They even put in terms and conditions part and limitations for the applicants like age and the lack of criminal convictions.

Rob mentioned that they prefer not to draw attention even more so they actually do it for that reason. And the cherry on the cake with this one is this sentence:




This is where they hook most of their victims. It is a flaw in the minds of people to think that someone is warning you of something; they will not do that to you themselves. And these douchebags actually count on that and it plays a major role in the success of this fraud.

If the victim actually falls for their story and deposits the check they send them or uses the credit card they give them, this person is actually becoming responsible and is charged with fraud. Because when it gets exposed and trust me, it always does, the only person whose name and signature is all over the place is the victim. Scammers are nowhere close to any place where the victims are doing "the task", those being a bank or Western Union, MoneyGram, etc...

So basically, the victim breaks the law unknowingly, all the while thinking that they are doing a legit job for a big company.

Rob further explained that since there is no way to ascertain who the scammer is, the victim ends up being liable for all the losses and very often gets charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. And it is not all that easy to prove that in fact they were being scammed all along.

So these fucktards have thought about all of the aspects involved. Authorities believe that sometimes scammers will actually repeat the process a couple of times and even steal less money just to be 100% sure they don’t get caught.

There is no effective way to stop these kinds of frauds from being committed. These fuckers invest almost no money and they can keep spamming this crap all over the Web without actually risking much. So we have to share the truth amongst ourselves and make sure that these fuckers keep getting exposed.

The whole problem is that people are not very interested about all of this until it happens to them. But these fuckers are getting craftier and recently they started targeting older people with scams similar to this one. So even if you are smart enough not to fall for it, it could happen to someone you love or someone close to you and they could suffer a major financial loss or something worse.

WE need to be vigilant. I would ask you to spam this all over the Web and help protect other people.

American Fulfillment, Inc. job offers that come over the email are fake and these fuckers are looking to pull you into the web of lies and fraudulent behavior. DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT. If you receive anything similar, just look the company up or check with the FBI if they are reported as scammers. It is the best way to keep yourself protected and to stop these fuckers in their tracks. They are looking to screw you over so DO NOT LET THEM!

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