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  • 5th Jan, 2017

Simon Giles Thomas is a wanted man all over Europe! So far his scams amount to more than $2 mn.

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  • Reporter ERSIDGENEY

We met Simon Giles Thomas in our efforts to secure a joint venture partner and secure a $40 mn capital based on which we could get an MT799 from an investor. We (me and my business partner) were looking to buy positions based on gold, and trade with them on the market.

Let me explain what exactly went down. Basically, we needed a partner with available funds so that we could deposit those funds, get a proof that we had the funds (MT799) basically buy not gold itself, but stocks off it. So the money would be in the bank and the MT799 would be a proof that we can pay if anything happens to our position. We trade our capital, and when we decide to call it quits, the money is returned to an investor with an interest. Sort of.

Simon Giles Thomas was our "connection" for the people interested in this deal. He told us they have the money ready but wanted a collateral just in case the deals goes sour. What that means is that they were willing to park their $40 mil in the account, but we would need to secure a 1% collateral which would be held by Simon. We foolishly trusted Simon with this.

How Simon fucked us over?

We deposited $400,000 as a collateral to Simon's account and he told us that the investors will issue the MT799 so that we can begin trading. But a couple of days later, we didn’t receive anything. We called Simon, but he was nowhere to be found. We got in touch with the investors and they told us they knew nothing about the whole deal!

Simon simply lied to us, he never even proposed the idea to the investors, just mentioned that he has clients and a good investment opportunity for them. Then he lied to us about the collateral and that it was required by the investors. Now the whole thing started to collapse down on him. As it turned out, we were not the first victims of his scams.

We also found a couple of people from South Africa who were looking to trade with oil futures and he scammed them for $235,000 as well.

We started to see the pattern. Simon is a good actor and he is able to persuade people he is well connected to in the financial world. Then he finds the next target and starts his scam. Usually, it's the people looking for investors whom he promises a connection. But we are dumbfounded how the hell could he have pulled this scam off so many times.

So far this prick has managed to steal more than $2.1 mn and he has been sued by many of his victims. Furthermore, the guys from South Africa that are looking for him are a serious deal and if they get to him first, things might get ugly really fast. It would be best for Simon to turn himself in somewhere in Europe. Various agencies are hired to look for this scammer all over the globe.

The big question is how the hell did we allow this to happen?

He was quite convincing and we had no reason to doubt anything that he said. His residence was in Rome; we visited "his house" there when we were negotiating the deal. He took us out to the most expensive restaurant. Well, it turned out that the house was a rental, so was his car, and the yacht, and everything else around him. All fake, but he played it really well.

So it is immediately apparent this wasn't this guy's first rodeo. I'm more amazed than angry by the way he pulled this scam off, but my partners are furious. He took $400,000 from our company like it was nothing. With all the anger and disbelief, I kinda got a little respect for Simon. Not that I wouldn't rip his head off the first chance I see him.

The lesson here is to be cautious and I would warn everyone to stay away from him and to contact me if you meet Simon by any chance. If nothing else, you would probably be saving his life by doing so, ‘cos if the guys from South Africa get him first, my feeling is that we would probably never see Simon again.  And of course, don't get scammed by this asshole yourself, ‘cos he might have completely changed his identity and could be running it all over again!

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  • 16th Jan, 2017

If anyone has or knows of the location of this scumbag please post on this site