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  • 27th Sep, 2017

Fake surveys, fake payments, do ur research before you think of going with Vindale Research to get dat extra money

  • Report #5YCGY
  • Reporter HAFTERACKY

I really wanted to make some extra bucks and this was the best way I could source out. Online paid, easy while sitting at your home. My idea was to take as many surveys I can sitting at home and get paid for it!

I took up the survey and after several attempts at it, and answering their bloody questions, all that I was told is that you do not qualify for the survey, or the survey has been closed ! pure bulshit !

What is that makes u qualify for a survey?

There wasn’t anyting mentioned earlier. You waste your time in answering there line of horrible questions and when I finally got qualified for one such several attempts I was asked to purchase their product for me to get my payment credited. And to make the purchase, one has to use the credit card. The whole thing looks so legit that you wouln’t think twice before sharing ur details with dem.

This is Mike, I live in Florida and this is my disgusting experience with hell of these fordgers!

I thought this was a legitimate one and went ahead giving my cc details, I have also attached the screen shot for the same, here. The payment went through on the 28th of December’2015, when I messed up my fate and went ahead with the purchase in order to get my payment. The moment I filled in my details, these guys went black out !! they stole everything, my password, my details, everything….they just left me with almost nothing! Bloody ass*****

It’s a waste of time and all that Vindale is doing at our cost is collecting our personal info and interests. Guys beware! They even ask you to provide SSN (via W-9) You may even lose out your SSN. Wake up or lose it !These guys are running  a racket. Though I didn’t lose my SSN, I lost all my cc details and Im currently working with my cc Co. to recover it.

I haven’t received my money till date. Whenever you ask for the payment, they will send you an email asking for some kind of identity. really pissed off with these guys..they are too too good in collecting info. Don’t fall into their idiotic trap. This is a warning to u guys!!

If, even after reading this, u plan to go ahead with the survey, all I would say is you should be ashamed later and will definitely regret for taking up the survey. Its not a legitimate program..its an online scam we guys need to get rid of! Suspicious, doubtful….these guys are thieves !! all they want is your personal and credit card info. Am now gonna take legal action against these bastards and sue them for the time and money!

Have decided not to take up any further survey with Vindale. This note is just to make you guys aware of what Vindale is doing! They are bloody scammers. Stay away from the scams if you have enough brain to survive! They are’nt gonna pay you anything ! its time to burst the racket. VINDALE RESEARCH – MAY YOU ROT IN HELL!!

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