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  • 5th Apr, 2017

Vindale Research is nothing but a FRAUDULENT Marketing company that totally tries to take your personal details and then sell you crap.

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  • Reporter IALBUTALAY

My name is Julianna Spencer. I just want to say that when I signed up with Vindale Research, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be one of the victims of a scam. These bloody people are just that, they’re con artists, fraudulent bastards, that have no morals,

I am a mother of two beautiful babies, n when I saw this site, where u can earn money for taking surveys, I was pretty happy. I thought I could earn a little extra income on the side so that I could provide for them. I stay in Poughkeepsie, New York, n I gotta struggle darn hard to make sure my babies have enough.

Now just cos I’m living down here in Poughkeepsie, it doesn’t mean that this damn fucking company can cheat me. Initially on their website, they say that u can expect to get paid $25.00 for a survey on healthcare and pharmaceuticals. It’s supposed to take 55 minutes to complete. U can supposedly earn $5.60 for a beverage survey which takes about 35 minutes n then $1.35 for a survey on cable tv n cell phone usage.

They also do mention that all the personal information that is provided upon registration will be kept confidential n all that bullshit just to make people sign up with them. I tell you, don’t believe them. They are just a total bunch of scammers, losers who just want to dupe people into releasing their info. I went ahead n started filling out the surveys, numerous surveys that seem significant to your profile, only to be told that I don’t qualify, or that the survey has been closed. Hell, there was even a time where I got a response saying the survey had reached the maximum # of people that qualified for it.

I mean, to spend so many hours on the website, faithfully answering those fucking stupid questions over n over again, n then earn a very measly figure of about 70 cents. There are times when you complete the whole darn survey only to be locked out.

So anyway, I finally managed to earn $18.27 according to the bloody website, n when I contacted customer service to cash out the bloody amount; those fucking assholes said that it would be paid on Feb 29th, 2016. When I checked Paypal to see if the amount had been credited, nothing.  I got in touch again with Fred from customer care, who informed me that a support ticket had been created.  O.k. So I waited n I waited n I fucking waited. Still no word from them. Now I can’t even get into my damn account. Now it says that my account has been cancelled. I mean, who the fuck cancelled my account? Who gave them the darn authority to do so? If I want to cancel my fucking account, hey, I can do that myself. I don’t need any unknown bastard doing it for me. N why in the world would I be so insane to cancel when I still have unclaimed money on it? I mean Duh! Who’s such a fucking moron?

All that these people at Vindale Research do is take all your information n then make tons of money by selling to other companies. I even started getting emails from companies thanking me for showing interest in them. Hell No! That ain’t right. I never signed up for no damn companies. All I did was bloody answer some stupid questions.

These people at Vindale research just make you feel like such a fool, so used. I feel so foolish. This experience was totally regrettable; n I wish I hadn’t done it.

I started wondering more about what I can do. Vindale Research is apparently owned by a company called “SayForExampleinc, n they’re situated in New York. Nathaniel Ehric is supposed to be its CEO.  This so called company also owns and I started digging for more dirt and find that this company isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau. Hell, if I was scamming people the way they are, I’m sure I wouldn’t wanna be a part of BBB myself.

Just wanna shout it out to the word, ya know? Don’t fucking join these bastard fraudsters. All they make you do is waste your time, n give you high hopes. They even got pictures of people on their site saying that they’ve been paid. Paid to hold up those placards saying they’ve been paid is more like it. All I’m saying is, don’t ever sign up for scams. They just fucking make promises that they can’t keep, and sell you out!




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