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  • 5th Jan, 2017

Vision Trading is the Brainchild of Scammer Oliver Velez. He’s a Criminal, Thug and Animal!

  • Report #5YCGZ
  • Reporter RANOUSELDE

The manner in which investors are treated by scammers seems like a lost and forgotten generation. There’s no place for innocent families. I realized it the hard way. I, Tony, had a torrid time dealing and convincing Vision Trading to refund money. I spent the month of March and April knocking on every door for help. The customer service team inflicts pain and suffering on wounds. I was tricked by Oliver Velez and Vision Trading.

Things were quite different in the beginning. These guys made corny promises and false assurances. They talked highly of industry experience and expert customer support. They’re crooks. They’re like thieves who would chase u, find details about u and break into house when you aren’t around. In the case of scam artists, they sell fake products and break your trust in the worst way possible.

The only option I’d is to go after and expose the scammers. I wasn’t aware of troubled past record of these guys. They’ve been in business for some time. The disturbing fact was these guys, especially Oliver Velez, is in the habit of changing names of its companies from time to time. It became clear he’s an experienced scam artist.

When I first got to know of their evil intentions, I panicked. The support team brought me down to knees and made me surrender to their dumb behavior. The only reason they’re dere is to shout at you and reject every request right away. I’d no other option but to stop calling them. Who else was there? I didn’t know what to do or whom to approach.  

I started calling customer service team with a definite plan. I knew they play on caller’s misery. I took the fight to them. They weren’t expecting me to come after them. I was successful in a way I got to discuss things with their manager, Mark. The guy made a kind of promise to return the money. I knew he was lying.

Ur life becomes meaningless. You tend to lose grip of things. The scam artists paralyze ur mind and reasoning skills. I was too sad to fight or go back to normal self. It was a tough period as I continued to suffer in pain.

I was losing self-respect. That was the turning moment. Dere I saw a light entering through the other end of tunnel. I got myself back and launched a vicious attack on Oliver Velez and Vision Trading. I was fighting without the fear of being rejected.  

At the same time, my efforts to expose Oliver Velez and Vision Trading were getting somewhat successful. Some people contacted me and asked about Oliver Velez. I stopped them from making any investment. This was the ultimate revenge. I want every single investor who wants to invest in similar programs to skip Vision Trading and think of other options. I was delighted to see my efforts bringing hope and light to others.  

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