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Name and Shame



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Beware Media
3rd Oct, 2021

Serial Scam Artist BEWARE!!!

Are you or someone you know a victim of the dangerous criminal serial scammer, Ralph Sanders?

Contact us now: [email protected]

It is time this psychopath is sent back to prison where he belongs! It’s time for victims to take a stand, come together,and NOT allow this malicious CON ARTIST, CONMAN, RECIDIVIST, SCAM ARTIST, CROOK, PREVARICATOR, DECEIVER, HYPOCRITE, CHEATER, NEFARIOUS, DETESTABLE, REPREHENSIBLE, DERELICT THIEF Ralph, Rafael, Sean, Shawn, Christian, Malik, or whatever name he is going by these days, to get away with his lies and atrocious criminal acts toward kind and innocent people!!

Don’t believe a word he says. He only knows how to lie. Don’t let him convince you of anything especially giving him keys to your home or car, buying a car, and don’t give him any money to borrow!!! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! He will say he will pay because he’s not a criminal, but HE IS just that, a CRIMINAL who learned nothing after serving 15 years in CA’s hardest and most violent of crimes’ prisons. He plays his wicked games until he gets what he wants and then he will turn on you and just like he says, “You have awakened the Beast!” or ”Watch the devil do his work.” He will take everything from you and then using fake names, slander you on websites like this one.

But that doesn’t have to happen, because his past victims are here for you.

Do you need help and feel alone? You’re not alone, because there are many victims here waiting to guide you in the right direction. You are not alone!

Please Contact us @[email protected]

Website: Under Construction.

His victims have united and are determined to STOP this career criminal and put him back behind bars where he belongs. Along with his Pasteur Middle School teacher wife, Lauren Sanders.

Lock um’ up and toss the key so no one else can be added to the victim’s list and has to endure the malicious and conniving acts of this monster and his monstress.

Contact us now at:

[email protected]…don’t be afraid anymore! Help us put an end to this monster!

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