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28th Jan, 2020

Reliant Funding stole $5,000 from me

I run a small service providing company. Every business faces some hard times and my company wasn’t an exception. I was running low on funds and was trying to keep my business afloat. I tried contacting several banks but they weren’t any helpful. Then one day, I came across the name of Reliant Funding.

I didn’t know much about them and from their name, I thought they were a reputed organization. I checked their website and they seemed like a legit corporation. I didn’t know that they are not a reputed organization but a major scam. 

Reliant Funding steals money from businesses. But I didn’t know about it at that time. I was so mesmerized by the thought of having a proper funding source that I didn’t even check their reviews online. 

I contacted those people after going through their website. I was glad to see that they offer funds to companies in my industry as well. When I talked to their representative, everything was going very smoothly. The way their representative talked to me and handled the entire situation only made me feel more comfortable. 

The representative told me that I should’ve contacted them earlier. He kept saying that I would get my funds released within a week. 

There were a few formalities required and I happily did those. 

When I had filled out all the forms, the representative told me that they can release around $50,000 for my business. That was more than I needed. He also told me that they’d be happy to help me out with any confusions but there was a minor issue. According to him, I needed to deposit 10% of that sum ($5,000) in their accounts in order to get the funds released. 

He told me that the 10% was required to maintain my trustworthiness. He made it seem like it was a genuine request so I happily paid the sum. 

I had to take it out of my savings but I was happy to do so because I was expecting a payment of $50,000 in my account. 

However, as soon as I gave him the check things took a turn for the worse. The representative who kept calling me and assuring me of their reliability had stopped picking up my calls. I didn’t know where he went and I stopped hearing from him.

I waited for a week before I contacted him. But he never responded to any of my calls. 

It’s been 2 months since my payment and I haven’t received any payments from those people. They stole my $5,000! Reliant Funding is definitely a sham organization. 

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