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4th Mar, 2022


I saw this “free” site so signed in to play. The emails started coming about buying chips almost daily. I bought in and thats when the fix was on. The replay system WANTS you to buy so the now you will have fixed LOSING hands so you lose and then buy again. You will have more bad beats here in one day then the rest of your poker games played ever. Here are two examples that happened to me IN ONE NIGHT!
I have Ace 10 of hearts. i pre bet 1.2 million on a 100-200 thousand table. Flop comes down 10 Q A. The Q is a heart. I have one caller a deep stack player. I bet pot and he reraises to 8 million. now I call . Turn a 7 of hearts. Now I have two pair and a nut flush draw. He goes all in and the river a 3 of diamonds. he has J. K. and I get felted. This is usual. I re load
A few hands later, I have A J of clubs. I raise and get two callers. ONE PLAYER HAS 6 8 OF CLUBS. We both flop flush. Turn he bets I re raise we both all. The turn is a blank and the river 5 of clubs

Flop. 4. 7. Q all CLUBS

He hit a straight flush and I am felted again. Two hand and I lose 80 million. This is an example of the worst site in online poker

My rating is a ZERO out of 100

Stay away and never be a sucker like me and buy here.

This 3rd world site even has me thinking of a programmer at another site who was caught with his progam that allowed him to see yours and everyone elses down chips

be ware

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