How it works

best practices to report an incident

Be honest, thorough and back it up with evidence

Reporting an incident is an admission that you've had enough, and are ready to take the fight to the corrupt and the powerful. Before today, unfortunately, there were hardly any platform which were conducive for online activism, revelation, whistleblowers and exposé. The governments, and the rich and powerful were always stamping down on free speech, while their legal arsenal ensured that a common citizen thinks twice before raising their voice against injustice. 

We have laid the foundations, and it is now up to you to use it effectively, and smartly. It is the content, the text, data, evidence, reasoning, purpose and information that you publish on this website that'll echo the intent of thousands other members at NameandShame.

Who are they?

Every significant question begins with WHO. In the first section, you should enter as much information about the offending company as you can. If your data is accurate, it will help in pinpointing the company without any shred of doubt. A single typo in the name, can ruin everything.

When you type the company name in the box, our system might suggest similar company names that exist in our database. If one of them is the company you intend to name, just click on it and it'll fill the rest of the company profile information instantly.

Their contact details

The contact details for the company being reported serves multiple purpose, as explained here. Not only does it help identify the company from other similar named entities, but it leaves a calling card and a mode of communication open to this company electronically, using this platform. If you check on 'I want the other party to be notified of this Report', they will be invited to post their rebuttals to try and resolve this issue. 

However, for these features to work, you must double-check the contact details before posting it here. This data will be cross-checked by our moderators to prevent 3rd party abuse, and to avoid any broken links, unreachable email addresses and wrong contact numbers. A trio of accurate information - website / email address and contact number will go a long way to make your incident report much more effective and legit.

Their location

NAS does not publish street address of any company or individual on it's platform, due to possibility of misuse, hate or other possible reactions against the reported party. This means you don't need to pinpoint the exact address, but rather just need to enter the most obvious location you are aware of. 

In cases where the company has multiple locations, or perhaps only available online without a physical location, you can check the appropriate box as displayed above. If you are not aware of the location or address, we recommend that you 'Google' it to add to the report. It will definitely help your cause.

Describe the incident

Step 2 is all about WHAT. We ask you to post the details of the incident, starting with TAGS. Tags represent the 'type' or the 'nature' of incident you are going to post. For ex - Scam, Fraud, Bad Business. The next field is 'Title', which in a single line tells the gist of your complaint. You can (if required) add a number to display 'monetary loss' if applicable, and a featured image to go with your complaint. The featurd image helps in social media sharing, and aesthetics mostly.

Then comes the most important part of the process - Writing the Detailed Report. NAS realizes that a serious complaint would need certain space for facts, figures, storyline, opinions and other statements. So the minimum word-limit for the full report is 200 words. This is your show now.....and we hope you write a hell of a powerful complaint.  Once you've written the report, it is time to add any sort of evidence to support your claims. Although this is optional and can be done later, we strongly recommend doing so.

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. If you have a claim against any business or person, it is almost inevitable that it willbe rebutted or dismissed or challenged. Therefore, it is STRONGLY advised to back up your incident report with evidence and references.

Don't let it become your word against theirs. Adding evidence will attract more support for your cause. You can add images, videos, documents, as well as link to external resources as evidence. Remember, you can always add more evidence later, and others can contribute evidence to your report as well. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Double-check and submit

Step 3 is all about reviewing and previewing the incident report (complaint) you just wrote. We give you this oppurtunity to make any last minute changes, and add/remove anything from the report. If there is any change required, this is your final chance before it gets published on NameandShame.

Once you review the complaint, agree to NAS's Terms of Service, and click on 'Publish', the report is queued for moderation. Critical data and factors from your submission will be reviewed by at least 3 of our community moderators within few hours, and upon approval by minimum 2 of them, the Incident Report is published.