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  • $59 Reported Loss

went to a website. looks like it could be a retail store.  Is really a fulfillment distribution center kind of thing. anyway, i order one product. it came. no problem. THEN A MONTH LATER THEY BILLED ME FOR A MEMBERSHIP! they said they put anyone ordering to join the membership, and of course, the cart do not show that is what th

  • Report #5YD87
  • Reporter ONGEODYSTE
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BRAETHORN LIMITED I come across this company on Alibaba Uk , while I was searching for bathrooms towels & bath robe suppliers , email received from the company with all company details & VAT reg number , after few telephone conversations got a quotation for my order requirements, I have requested meeting them at their t

  • Report #5YD5D
  • Reporter ASTEMILMUT
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  • $400,000 Reported Loss

Erez Yaakov Almog Olchik was an insurance broker in Israel dealing with clients pensions.instructing his clients to deposit their money in his one man company accounts telling them that their money will be transfer to their pension fund. Instead of transferring their money to the fund, he took the money to his own pocket - he ma

  • Report #5YD5C
  • Reporter ISHATCHIAN
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  • $335 Reported Loss

It has been weeks since I sent my tablet for sale.  They are not responding to requests for status.  DO NOT USE it appears to be a fraud.  I will update and or remove this negative post if they respond to my many requests.   Their FAQs talk about expected time frames and statuses.  Non of them r

  • Report #5YD5B
  • Reporter OSSEPOOMET
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  • $15,000 Reported Loss

Idea Buyer is a 100% fraud business which manipulates you into thinking that they are interested in investing in your product or its patent. Their first offer will seem totally legit, but soon after that, you will realise your big mistake. They don’t invest a single penny in your business and will steal the patents of your comp

  • Report #5YD57
  • Reporter HEADANTELE
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Showing 1 – 5 of 867
Showing 1 – 5 of 867