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This man and his family are known scammers from hutton area in essex uk.also known to be around london area His family are all known and his kid is a scumbag to. He is well known to police as a fruadster thief and druggy a real lowlife. They  are known to steal from charity and are just nasty people They are known to be sellin

  • Report #5YCOZ
  • Reporter LUGGALVAGE
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Bassam Mohammed Oueida:- Apparently an employee but in actual owner of Saudi Inteltec and many of its subsidiaries. Labanese national and have at least five other African nationalities. Expert in bribery and money laundering.   Essmat Adel Hajar :- Lebanese married to a prominent Saudi figure, got Saudi nationality but skin is

  • Report #5YCOY
  • Reporter KEEZIAPIDA
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I joined Mobe in 2015 the cost was $49 for this I had a coach and you have to do a 21 step video course. Only two videos are opened per day on video6 I was asked for $3420 without payment you cannot go on with the course so I paid, I finished the 21steps and was not happy for the most part all the videos concentrated on recruiti

  • Report #5YCOX
  • Reporter LAYBERTAFF
  • 237
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This is a nasty bullying company that is all over the net for having done to people what they did to me so please stay the hell away. I responded to a Craings List ad for a UK sales person selling into the US at $15.00 per hour. At first all seemed OK. They wanted to have me sell to major accounts in the fast food industry and

  • Report #5YCOV
  • Reporter ERODINTHER
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The worst thing about this story is that they came highly recommended. They knew exactly who referred them to me and simply did not care about it. I guess there is no moral standard of any kind when you are only interested in making a profit. And how do they even go about their business is just as wretched as their attitude, but

  • Report #5YCOO
  • Reporter APALLAGERO
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Showing 1 – 5 of 675
Showing 1 – 5 of 675