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This is Alice. I've been living in great misery because of this shady person named Bruce Baron. Instead of being a genuine lawyer, he is a conman in every case that he does. He seeks every single opportunity to rip the client off and that is what he’s done with us as well.   We were fighting a case that was just a little more

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  • Reporter ATEXEMAHEA
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I have been running a steel business industry for the past 10 years. The machines I purchased were from another firm. Recently, my manager had an argument with the manager of the other firm, we had paid for the machine but they refused to send it in before we paid them more. It’s complicated, but that is what happened and to run

  • Report #5YCEJ
  • Reporter NSAWYEADHO
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  • $30,000 Reported Loss

Warning! DO NOT fall in the trap of HEIR And Canyon Acquisitions. They’re big frauds and they will rob you off your money. I am Robby and I lost around $30000 because of these cheats. They have shown investments in my book that aren’t even profitable. They didn’t bother to inform me in detail about it and now all my money is gon

  • Report #5YCET
  • Reporter SONARRYGOO
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  • $150,000 Reported Loss

I am another victim of Adam Drybrough & Blaine Kennedy. I lost 100% of my investment. Update on the prior post, Adam Dryrough no longer lives on 24 Ave SE. I would love to know where he lives with his GF Jess Alford. Jess "owns" Hotshop yoga studios here in Calgary. Surely some of Adam's dirty money funded this venture. Anot

  • Report #5YC7F
  • Reporter HAKERESCHE
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  • $560,000 Reported Loss

Victims of these two dickheads below, you can find them on the following addresses if they aren't jailed yet! Adam Drybrough 718 24 Ave SE Calgary Blaine Kennedy 2232 Alexander Street SE Calgary, AB. T2G 4J6 (403) 998-0173 Also, be AWARE of any of the following names which they were using, or still do: 1.LUCID GROUP OF COMPA

  • Report #5YC6T
  • Reporter SMABLEMISH
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Showing 1 – 5 of 7