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Srinivas Oddati the founder of the Everus is a total scumbag. Trust me. I know people who work for him. Liar, cheat, ponzi manufacturer, racist (hates the chinese and malaysians, doesnt trust them) he is an indian from india living in malaysia with no work visa, no taxes paid. has a few companies and owes the govt a heck of a lo

  • Report #5YD3Q
  • Reporter IABLECERIT
  • 489
  • 1
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  • $2,300 Reported Loss

These bastards claim to be an education agency that represents the top universities across several countries like India, Russia and Indonesia. But they are actually misleading you. I applied for a student visa in Russia. I was gonna study to become a surgeon in the university of St. Petersburg. But these idiots fucked that oppor

  • Report #5YCLI
  • Reporter LINICESCAR
  • 2960
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Showing 1 – 2 of 2