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  • $1,000,000,000 Reported Loss

this 2d site is not good   the customer supporter is told something on the phone and chatted on the whatsapp also   dont do the 2d with this company   i will pass the message in the social media and the interpol also that you are cheating the customers, and not giving the reply for the emails. and also not receiving the money fr

  • Report #5YD49
  • Reporter NCESPATICI
  • 99
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Hello everyone, Hng Couture changed their name to ‘Mutiyaar Couture’, since I have put their bad business practices on this website!     I want all of you to know it’s the same company and not to be fooled!   They have kept the same tel no., not smart at all!   Please all, do your homework before you buy or order anything fr

  • Report #5YD2H
  • Reporter ROMENDEROU
  • 214
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In February 2015, I got talked into purchasing a 5-year technical support system and an anti-virus protection program from iYogi for close to $500. So I was sorted with resolving my technical issues till 2019. I haven’t used my PC much this last year so I had no need to use their services. But on Monday this week I got an error

  • Report #5YC8W
  • Reporter CHITICULPO
  • 128
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CLINIMINDS organization is a HUGE SCAM. Fellow students and job seekers, please be aware of them! Never trust them, and NEVER give them anything in advance, especially not your money! I’ve heard that these are the same group of fraudsters who are running Clinbiotech. Who knows how many fake companies they’ve opened so far. Ther

  • Report #5YC94
  • Reporter BEGONARLYS
  • 131
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Senthil Kumaran of E-DataPro is a fraud. He told us that he would offer us a glitch free transition from paper to a paperless system. He has not only failed to deliver it on every deadline, but also lost important documents given to him. We are a small company, Intent Technology, and we were transitioning to a paperless format.

  • Report #5YCCO
  • Reporter HENTRIABLE
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Showing 1 – 5 of 12