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  • $2,600 Reported Loss

I gave online trading a shot in April 2014. I was just looking to make quick easy money, and from what I’d heard from colleagues, auto trading seemed like a great option for me. I made sure to do a lot of reading up on what it was all about so I wouldn’t be at the mercy of anyone. And yet, I was cheated. So I chose to invest in

  • Report #5YC42
  • Reporter GENDRICTIT
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The next time you decide you wanna trade the binary way, look before you leap. All I mean is do your research and be thorough about the traders you plan to deal with and if OptionsXO is on that list, strike it off right now. YOU DON’T WANNA DEAL WITH THEM. OPTIONSXO ARE THEIVES WORKING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! That’s right!  In one o

  • Report #5YCME
  • Reporter SHAMAISEPT
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As a victim of the OptionsXO scam, I have no words more important than these – DO NOT TRUST ANY ONLINE BINARY TRADING COMPANY BLINDLY! MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! I came across OptionsXO through an acquaintance from Los Angeles. When he informed me of the quick pay out time and relatively low investment options, I got

  • Report #5YCMG
  • Reporter NATTEXTONT
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  • $5,000 Reported Loss

I was scammed by this binary trading firm called OptionsXo. Their website link - , it doesn’t give you access easily. I was framed by these people, I started trading with them but my financial manager after some time asked me to keep putting in $1000 each. The trading was going pretty good and I had given them ar

  • Report #5YC74
  • Reporter MANGENECTO
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Showing 1 – 4 of 4