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  • $14,500 Reported Loss

In 2012 I was a HGV lorry driver and whilst away all week I lived in a Mobile Home 36 foot  three bedrooms  That I had aquired whilst away working for wich I paid £ 3,500. in 2013 I had an accident whilst at work falling from a 40 foot trailor that ripped my cartlidge and damaged my right hip. I was advised That I could retire

  • Report #5YD46
  • Reporter CISITENSYC
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I was introduced into this Ponzi scheme a year ago thinking there is transparency and truth here. I have introduced 2 more people and when we are unable to promote this business further, I requested for our initial deposits and was met by some impossible answers, which was to pay in 7000 Euros each to get our deposits back. I

  • Report #5YD38
  • Reporter RODESCROWE
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  • $20,000 Reported Loss

I was offered a bank instrument sblc for my clients by the Company on a contract with agreed fees for the swift ( at no time where any other fees mentioned )  to be sent from HSBC to one client in Korea the other in Pakistan ...they where very friendly and they seemed to have good credibility, the fees where 10k for each client

  • Report #5YD1Q
  • Reporter NGATOGREEM
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I’m a former employee at and I had to resign from my job there ‘cos as a Christian, I could not continue with all the scams I saw while working with this trading firm. I prayed God to forgive me for being the blind witness all this time but I’ve made up my mind to reveal the bad businesses of this company. You can

  • Report #5YC9I
  • Reporter POLYSTRYET
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  • $5,000 Reported Loss

I would like to tell all you people out there about this firm called Bee Options and how I was scammed by them. I saw their “attractive” advertisement online and got influenced. Like a fool I decided to invest and trade with them. I called up on their given digits 888-228-5923, on 15th December, 2014. The opposite male voice so

  • Report #5YCA1
  • Reporter ESTINETERS
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Showing 1 – 5 of 71
Showing 1 – 5 of 71