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  • $7,000 Reported Loss

Would you trust Michael Palance and THE EVENT with your kid's acting career? Definitely no. Why would you expose your children to that pedophileic world. Saying its a scam is probably a smoke screen because something more sinister was occurring.. Parents beware be very aware of the these industries. We went... one thing that t

  • Report #5YDB9
  • Reporter ESPEREEKTO
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  • $12,000 Reported Loss

Michale David Palance, of Premiere Event, is a fraud. He and his people hired us to remove certain complaints and videos online. But even when we did remove the videos and the complaints, he stopped taking our calls and did not pay us. He owes us $10,000 now. So it is time that we expose him and his organisation and activities.

  • Report #5YDB1
  • Reporter NIANDYDEFO
  • 48
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  • $6,000 Reported Loss

If you’re a parent and you haven’t heard of Michael Palance then you’re in luck. Michael Palance runs the notorious ‘The’ and ‘Act’ talent agencies and the organization called ‘Premiere’.  His company runs ads on radio and other platforms claiming that they can help your kid get a successful audition and even a chance to star i

  • Report #5YDBD
  • Reporter ORNIUMPRIU
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  • $59 Reported Loss

went to a website. looks like it could be a retail store.  Is really a fulfillment distribution center kind of thing. anyway, i order one product. it came. no problem. THEN A MONTH LATER THEY BILLED ME FOR A MEMBERSHIP! they said they put anyone ordering to join the membership, and of course, the cart do not show that is what th

  • Report #5YD87
  • Reporter ONGEODYSTE
  • 192
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  • $335 Reported Loss

It has been weeks since I sent my tablet for sale.  They are not responding to requests for status.  DO NOT USE it appears to be a fraud.  I will update and or remove this negative post if they respond to my many requests.   Their FAQs talk about expected time frames and statuses.  Non of them r

  • Report #5YD5B
  • Reporter OSSEPOOMET
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Showing 1 – 5 of 473
Showing 1 – 5 of 473