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  • $3,000 Reported Loss

If you want encouragement in your life, get inspired from the druggist, seriously!! Introducing you to Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, real estate advisor and a best-selling author. In one of his books, Be Obsessed or be average, Grant did a stellar job by summarizing his childhood, upbringing and his ear

  • Report #5YD9Z
  • Reporter SIONATNELS
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I don’t know how this shitty company has so many good reviews. At this point, I’m willing to bet good money and say that they probably hire people to write fake reviews. Because it isn’t as though they have any morals or anything anyway. These assholes don’t care if they’re not providing what they promised and deliver. They don’

  • Report #5YC8S
  • Reporter UARENSTRID
  • 124
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DO NOT INVEST VIA CANYON or via any of their partners or sister companies! Be VERY careful. They are a pure example of fraudsters who would sell their own mothers into slavery, just to get the big dough. Starting from their president Wayne Robbins who also happens to show up as a head manager in the international sales departme

  • Report #5YC99
  • Reporter NOVIENTICT
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  • $43,000 Reported Loss

In May 2012, I started trading commodities with scam firm efloortrade based out of Orlando, Florida. John Mason who is the owner of ‘efloortrade’ was my broker back then and I had pumped in as much as $125,000 and he sounded like a smart man who knew his apples from his oranges. So I wasn’t really sweating when I gave him contro

  • Report #5YC57
  • Reporter OBBIELIMOO
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My name’s Lizzie, and I’ve lived in Florida all my life. I know the localities around my house pretty well. In 2013, I had saved up some money, and was looking to invest it in the real estate business. That’s when I started looking for a good company that could help me make a profit fast. A lot of people online had recommended A

  • Report #5YC4S
  • Reporter SMULASSEED
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