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  • $10,000 Reported Loss

Back in 2008, funds were a little tight. I was trying to pay off a home loan as well as taking classes. Between work and all that, I had very little time to spare. But in October of that year, my interaction with Automotive Leasing made everything much worse. It shocks me how people can be so selfish and greedy to this day. I h

  • Report #5YCA0
  • Reporter JURCHARMIC
  • 29
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In September 2013, I was on the lookout for a good car for the family. Our old one had just given out on us and we were looking to buy something that would be a stable replacement. Not wanting to and not being in a position to the full amount upfront, we decided to take out an auto loan to get there. We knew everyone did this, s

  • Report #5YCE9
  • Reporter THENOROMBA
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Showing 1 – 2 of 2