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  • $3,000 Reported Loss

Last Year I Had Signed Up With Forex Signals To Start Making Money Out Of Currency Fluctuations Which Seemed To Be Giving More Returns Than The Stock Markets. It Did Have Risks But They Were Not Out Of Control, All Of Them Could Be Calculated And Limited. This Is What I Was Assured By Forex Signals In Their Welcome Email. I Woul

  • Report #5YC8V
  • Reporter OISHABLENA
  • 57
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I worked for the trading firm called Blackwall Capital Market Group. They highly advertised themselves and convinced people to earn thousands in a month. Everybody is hungry for money, so basically anyone can easily get attracted by them. I got myself a desk job here, for trading commissions. They told me I didn’t have to pay t

  • Report #5YC47
  • Reporter HOOLYSTORM
  • 249
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I was on the lookout for a job as a stock broker. I ended up getting into the New York City office of Blackwall Capital Markets to check if I could work with them. They offered me to work as an associate broker and said that I would be paid (commission) on the basis of business I get for this firm. I started working like a freel

  • Report #5YCBT
  • Reporter EANTIONDON
  • 43
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  • $200 Reported Loss

I’m Debbie May, a retired school teacher. Recently while going through my checking account statement I saw debit to a 1Rate. I didn’t know the company and this was the first time I came across the name. On further investigation, I found this was long distance. This first debit happened right after I bought Tracfone. The next mon

  • Report #5YCCR
  • Reporter GENTITIONI
  • 16
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  • $8,500 Reported Loss

If anyone is even considering to hire services of these morons – DON’T. I read that they had some work done in the past (or maybe that was only hyped) but now they are nothing but a bunch of incompetent ignoramuses that will only cost you and your business a lot of time and money. I wish I’d never chosen to hire their data re

  • Report #5YC6Q
  • Reporter OPPATAKYWE
  • 168
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Showing 1 – 5 of 6