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Greenberg & Hoeschen LLC are wolves in sheep’s clothing, once they lure u in be assured they will con you and scam you and lead u to debt and bankruptcy I’m a 40-year-old developer and was looking for finances for my project in Chile, that’s when I met Joshua Schultz of DRMR Development. He was a smooth talker and he said h

  • Report #5YC3W
  • Reporter WARTUGHOBL
  • 195
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  • 2
  • $150,000 Reported Loss

  Martin Greenberg watched me go bankrupt; he didn't feel any guilt that he had screwed me over, and he is a stone cold asshole...  I had an ambitious project regarding renewable energy in Ethiopia. I had some contacts and set myself a goal of bringing power to those in need. That’s when I got introduced to Jason Sanders from

  • Report #5YCEO
  • Reporter UETERGICIS
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  I was transferring my business from Florida to Wisconsin for several reasons. So my whole family was actually on board with this decision and we agreed to all move. So my wife and I alongside with our two kids were pretty pumped about this move. Since we were moving to another state, we were pretty unfamiliar with the housing

  • Report #5YCEN
  • Reporter ONATEEDICA
  • 36
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I WAS a small company OWNER and I wanted to secure my future with an apartment building in Beaver Creek skiing center. I had an idea of building a 35-apartment building, to sell 20 of them and then rent the other 15 to cover the expenses of the mortgage.   It was a solid plan but I needed financial help. I was $1.5 million sho

  • Report #5YC77
  • Reporter OEINELLEGL
  • 78
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If you still feel that there is hope in the world then you are so wrong. I don’t want to burst any of your bubbles but there are some people out there who are nothing but pure evil. They care about no one but themselves and will think of profits no matter what the cost it. Yes, I am talking about those at Greenberg & Hoesche

  • Report #5YC76
  • Reporter IDATILLEGR
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