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28th Jan, 2020

Ricky Gutierrez’s Course is a waste of money

Ricky is one of the many popular day trading gurus who claims he can teach you how to get rich quick. He trades penny stocks (or so he says) and has a huge following of people who think they can learn something valuable from him.

I used to be one of those people and I’m ashamed of it. I had no idea Ricky is a fraudster. He has followed a very meticulous approach in building his scam. 

He has a YouTube channel with his name and he also runs a Facebook group called TechBud Solutions. I used to watch his YouTube videos and even though they weren’t much, they convinced me that he has some experience of day trading. 

Unfortunately, I fell for his scam when he started advertising his ‘Learn Plan Profit’ course. The course costs $299 and that’s a lot considering his audience is filled with young grads who rely on minimum-wage jobs to get by. 

I thought his course will help me get started so I bought the membership. I can’t explain how wrong I was. The course was filled with garbage. There wasn’t a single video that I found useful.

The course was nothing but a waste of my time.

The community was a little helpful but it was mostly filled with dumb people who wanted answers to really stupid questions. I did some online research and I found that Ricky is actually a major fraudster. 

He doesn’t have any proof of his expertise except his own YouTube videos. He doesn’t know anything about day trading and claims to be an expert. 

The only thing that helps him in selling this horrible course is his strong online presence. He has a huge following of people who know nothing about making money and think his $300 course can help them get rich quick.

Ricky is literally claiming to sell a get rich quick scheme for $300 and I can tell you by experience, it’s not worth it. Teh course is garbage and the only person who benefits from it is Ricky. You wouldn’t learn anything from it. 

I tried to get a refund but his website says they don’t issue any refunds. I should’ve known then. When someone tells you beforehand that they won’t return your money no matter what, it’s a humongous red flag in itself. I made a mistake by buying from this scammer but I hope you won’t make this mistake.