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21st Feb, 2022

SCAM Company, Full of Fraudsters

Plain simple fraud and scam company.

Avoid at any cost.

If you really want to experience them and defy all negative posts here, then, piece of advice is to get every single scratch and issue signed on paper not on email by Rocky and you must do this before you move in not after you move in.

DO NOT take possession from their building security. Demand Rocky Sales should come for handing over keys and apartment and force them to sign a MOVE-IN Checklist.

Otherwise, at the time of moving out, Rocky will charge you each and every damage or issue which might be existing in their apartment since ages and they will never fix it but will charge every tenant for it who will live in that apartment.

Again, Don’t handover the keys to building security, demand that move out inspection should be carried out in your presence. And, that you will sign off on the issues listed in the report.

This is a SCAM company at its best. They will never return your Security Deposit. Consider minimum 90% gone.

Those who are fighting for their Security Deposit must file case in RDC against them otherwise they will continue to exploit tenants.

Good luck ! STAY AWAY..

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