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Snake Ed
1st Feb, 2022

Avoid at all cost.....

Please read the reviews and learn from the mistakes others have made. The office stated the service was $150 with a possible $100 upcharge for 500 additional gallons of waste.

$250 is a reasonable price for 1500 gallons of removal. I was explicit with the office that no drain field work would be purchased as the field was saturated with rain water and I only needed the tank drained to buy time for the field to dry out. I asked the office to put in the notes to the tech not to quote drain field work because it is not needed and only to drain the tank.

The time was set for 8A – 12N so plans had to be changed but getting the septic taken care of was more important. At 10AM no one had showed and there was no call to let me know progress so I called the office to be told the tech would be there well before 12N.

At 12:30PM when no one showed up I called again to be told the tech was delayed but would be there soon. With no one at the house at hour later at 1:30PM, I expected no one to show but got communication at 1:45 that the tech would be another 45 minutes. That was the first update that I did not initiate.

By 3:00PM the tank was open with the classic stand up of the shovel in the waste sales picture. The price went from $250 to $16K in 10 minutes.

Understanding the forced upsell, we said no, again, to replacing the drain field.

We watched the work completed which included the dig to the tank, hose to suck out the debris with no ‘manual break up of excessive solids’ and debatable hydro jetting of the mainline. The tech said ‘this (pointing at the tank and the debris) is nothing compared to what we normally see…we will be done quick’ Quick came sooner than expected as it started to rain and the tech pulled hoses leaving some debris in the tank, closed the lid, covered the tank with dirt and left.

I called the office to discuss the bill that grew from a possible $250 to just under $1K but the manager was not available to approve the reduction of the bill for the work not completed. None of the pictures provided have a date stamp so there is no means for me to even know based on the close up of the tank, if these pictures were from my home. When I asked for pictures of the completed work there were none provided.

When I asked for truck tank readings to validate the extra waste charge, none were provided.

Rooterplus is well versed in the upsell and taking advantage of homeowners in a pinch. Beware and try other companies that do not have the reputation and tradition of robbing homeowners.

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