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2nd Feb, 2022

Ryan Pinkston - Drug Dealer and Drug User


I am writing to you anyone that will read this report. I had the unfortunate encounter with Ryan Pinkston. He proports to be a Christian, who sings gospel music and he does it thru a livestream with Bethel Live.

Although, it is true, he is a singer, he is also not who you think he is.

My nephew had problems with him when he was renting a room because he was dealing drugs and using drugs at the house where he was living. He would turn out the lights at night on the porch so other people who wanted to buy his crack cocaine and hardcore drugs, could come up without the cameras videoing the transaction. I believe he is partly responsible for the house in Daly City, CA getting shut down because he brought too much traffic to the house and the neighbors complained to the owner of the house. In other words, he had to move because of his behavior. Also, I heard from one of the workers, David, that he damaged his room after he moved.

When I reported it to the property management company, Suite Spoits, the owner of the company would always play dumb and pretend he didnt know anything about it, but I know other people had reported the problem to them.

I do not recommend that you rent a room or an apartment. My nephew was forced to move because of his bad behavior. The house he was renting had a lot of drug addicts livng there.

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