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Dean Graziosi

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Scammed by this so-called millionaire

I also have ALMOST been slimed (scammed) by this so-called millionaire. Dean Geasey-oily is rich yes but by taking advantage of people since his very beginnings. I went to one of his seminars and was promised a book that I and others never received. Lie one.

I was told if I buy the real estate my business partner, spouse, etc can attend for free. I asked 3 people if the two of us attend different dates because of our work schedules and was told YES. LIE NUMBER 2.

Lie number three was all the financial help and low interest on the exclusive lenders, NOT TRUE. The conditions were almost impossible to achieve.

LIE FOUR ( strick 3 and you’re out but I stopped counting the lies after round four.) You get all your money back if you get a property. Dean hires a seminar company that if you google them have so many complaints also. The bottom line is Dean and his staff knows his business practices are LIES, MISLEADING, and questionable. I am glad he is under investigation with the F.B.I. and F.T.C. and soon the Department of justice. It is always safe to do your due diligence and check reviews, the scam reports, etc before giving money to such dream sellers and dream breakers.

Tony Robbins was at one time somewhat honest but he has to know the scammer Mr. Wennie Greasy-oily is. So Tony Robbins is also in bed with the fortune robber. You always have a 3 day right of refusal to get a refund and always use a credit card along with reading the contract or buyers order. Almost all one needs to make extra income can be found on youtube. One also has to be careful on youtube for scammer too, but if they are not selling something and only giving the info you can at least make some notes and gather the needed info in the comments. A hint is if a YouTuber PS – I did get my money back even when I canceled on the 2 nd day because I called my bank before 3 days.


BEWARE of These guys at all costs.

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