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10th Mar, 2022

Friend met with their sales person

My friend met with one of their sales consultants and luckily didn’t sign anything, as the golden rule is that he never signs anything without his wife present and even share his experiences with me and vice versa.

Red flags he mentioned.
1. The sales consultant got out his car and first thing he does is apologise for the vehicle he drives and his expensive car is in for repairs.
2. He talks about how much money he makes and only does this job because he doesn’t want to sit at home doing nothing.
I personally would be behind my computer still trading and looking into more investments, looking into first world country investments, looking into getting my children into the top of range colleges. I mean if you are making millions then you would be able to send your children to the top of the range colleges in first world countries, money makes anything possible.
3. Wears a ton of cologne, never trust a man trying to look successful and rich dosed in cologne.
4. He threw this into his pitch: “Sounds to good to be true right? But it is that easy.”
5. He ask if my friend ever heard of them and really threw the 25yrs in this business comment, ask if my friend ever saw their expensive branded vehicles on the highway. Which raises the question why didn’t he then borrow one these expensive branded cars while his expensive car is in for repairs?

When the sales person left he started doing some research, reading reviews and looking at threads.

One thing he always does is to pay more attention to the negative reviews than the positive, why? Because fake accounts can easily be created to boost the trust level for a company.
What he noticed is that there are accounts that registers and write the positive review in the same month, most likely the same day.
Why is this important?
If you use review platforms to compliment companies then you would obviously have written at least one or two negative review(s), seriously there is not one company that doesn’t get a negative review and if you write reviews then you would’ve at least written some negative reviews. Also beware they could use family and friends to write reviews as well.

On review platforms the company you review may challenge your review and or assist you with the review, so this tells you that the fake account can’t give negative reviews to other companies as they will have to be a client with the company they review.
So always pay more attention to the negative reviews than the positive, still be careful they could also use fake accounts to write negative reviews and make it minor complaints which the company then “challenges” and “resolve successfully”, which obviously let potential clients think that they do look into complaints and attend to it, they might even do this with “major complaints” to deceive potential clients even more. Always do a deep search, really investigate the company before doing business with them.

Now let me add some pointers when dealing with these types of companies.
1. When the telemarketer phones you, ask this question after the sales script was read. “If I can make money this easily then why are you working as a telemarketer?”. So I think the feedback would be “I’ve made loads of money and I’m doing this to help others.” or “I don’t want to sit at home doing nothing”, which is obviously a lie.
2. Don’t just use review platforms, go past the first result page of Google/Bing or whatever search engine you use. Look for threads like mybroadband where people actually discuss the company. My friend found one on mybroadband and sent it to me, I’ve read the discussion then decided to also look into these guys and it’s quite shocking. I’ve even sent them an email saying shame on them for scamming people and even pensioners that already struggles.
3. Warn your family and friends about these types of companies, talk to your parents if they are old and vulnerable to always first consult with you for these type of things, well just in general speak to your family and friends and try to keep each other secure from these matters, warn each other and educate each other, just like how me and friend go about things.
4. Most important one of them all. This is very important, never ever provide your ID number/banking details/permission to view credit score/email address or any other important/contact information. Your ID number is extremely important and only share with trusted service providers, your credit score carries a lot of information which also includes your ID number.
If they don’t have your email address(es) then why share it with them, next if your cell number is the only one they have, then keep it that way. My wife, family and friends never provides anybody with my cell number so why would I betray them and supply their numbers to others we don’t even know.
People keep especially to point 4 above, your identity and other information is a gold mine for these types of companies. They can sell your information easily and the next telemarketer that phones you would just say “O, I just found you on our system and have no idea where we found your information.” and if you ask to speak to their legal department to ask the same question, the legal department will tell you that they will look into it and they always reply with “Sorry we can’t seem to find the details to where we got your information from.”, happened to me when a certain company kept on SMS’ing me and I started threatening them with the POPI act.
Hope this helps somebody.

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