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Name and Shame



This complaint was posted on NAS on 27th Jan, 2019 and is a permanent record located here: .

NameandShame Author
27th Jan, 2019

A Female Stalker Sharon Mcloughlin is reporting false claims on Name and Shame

There is a female stalker in Sweden named Sharon Mcloughlin, making false claims and accusations against a North American business man. She reports she paid $55,000 dollars to the company, she did not. She has posted over 2000 defamatory comments and tweets, on facebook and twitter. She makes false sexual accusations against this business man. She is being charged with a criminal offense. These are serious allegataions.

Her claims are vindictive in nature and completely false. 

The below images are the false accusations that Ms. Mcloughlin uses. She is dangerous, threatens people making false reports upon them.


This same woman claims that Mr. JT Foxx was her saviour, her Jesus.