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23rd May, 2022

Sixt insurance scam

Part 1 written on 2/21/2022:

I advise anyone reading this article to flee this rental agency and when I read other reviews on the web I realize that I am far from the only one who has had a bad experience with them.

Rent a car “cheapest” at SIXT Barcelona via the website of Ryanair from 09 September 2021 until 10 September 2021, we pick up the vehicle at the agency Sixt Barcelona Paral.lel-port at 9:30. Before picking up the vehicle during the recapitulation of the contract, the salesman having some difficulties in English and speaking hardly the language proposes us an insurance and we agree for an omnium. He confirms it by saying “no worries, full full” and by writing full full on the receipt.
We get back the vehicle that we had to return the next day before 9:30 am.
Around 3:00 am during the trip to the airport to return the vehicle and take the plane at 5:30 am, we hit a deer which caused some damage on the vehicle. We called Sixt’s assistance number and they sent a repairman who only spoke Catalan and also sent a cab to take us to the airport so that we could catch our plane in time.
After having recovered the deposit I receive 5 months later on February 10, 2022 an invoice of 2388,16€ and the notification that my insurance is not valid.

Repair costs: 2037,64€.
Administrative costs: 44,77€.
5 days x 61,15€ = 305,75€ (5 days rental out of nowhere)

After receiving this invoice I went to a Sixt agency in Brussels, it was a big surprise for me when they told me that I didn’t have an omnium but an excess of 1000€ and I don’t understand why it is not applied.
And they informed me that the vehicle had indeed been returned on September 10. I don’t understand why Sixt is trying to charge me for 5 extra days which is the equivalent of 305,75€ for no reason.
I will contest the invoice because I am still a student and I cannot afford to pay this unjustified sum and I do not recommend anyone to choose this rental company.

Second part written on 30/04/2022: I exchanged several e-mails with sixt explaining the situation, they don’t really have any explanation and only answer with very short e-mails.
They simply told me that I only had a deductible of 1000€ but that supposedly when the damage is under the vehicle it does not apply I do not know why.

Especially since they find it normal to charge 305.75€ more because the vehicle was in the garage and they could not rent it, I do not agree at all with this way of doing because I repeat I am supposed to have insurance.

I find their practices outrageous; I am a student and I explained to them that I am not able to pay. When it comes to explanations, they are very brief and vague but they never forget to explain in detail to pay and include the invoice as an attachment.

I actually sent them a last email asking them for a commercial gesture and to at least apply the deductible that is supposed to be applied, this is the last email I sent them before contacting a lawyer to check if their procedures are really necessary because Sixt has sent the file to the company Paigo, a debt collection company.

Third part written on 22/05/2022:
They replied to my email written on 30/04/2022 asking for a commercial gesture on 12/05/2022 that due to technical problems they could not process my request and that they would come back to me, it’s now been ten days and I still have no answer from them but yet the interest is increasing well and truly by 4.24% each month.

In conclusion: I recommend avoiding this rental company at all costs, it is a very well set up scam.

Thank you for reading.

If a Sixt agent is reading this message please take a look at the file.

Mailreference Number : 398960443
Plate Number : 1903LNC

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