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28th Jan, 2020

Steven Dux is a HOAX - Don’t Buy His Courses (I did)

If you’re interested in day trading then you have probably heard of Steven Dux. The guy claims to be a self-made millionaire who made it big through trading stocks. He says he started from the bottom as a student with $27,000 in his pockets and turned that sum into millions before reaching the age of 24. 

He also claims that he used his college tuition fees to start his trading career. Like him, his story is also full of BS. The guy doesn't know anything about trading. All he does know about is selling fake courses. He doesn’t make money from day trading. He makes money from selling his courses.

I bought his expensive course last year. And my entire experience was disappointing. The course didn’t contain any valuable information. All the information the course shared is already available online. 

All the information Steven Dux shares in his course is regurgitated. He doesn’t teach you anything new. You can learn all about day trading for free through blogs and youtube. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy from Steven Dux.

The guy is a total scam. His website is full of various products he sells. He has various kinds of products laid out on his website because he hopes you’ll buy any one of them.

He sells memberships, tickets to meetups and what not. 

When I took his course, I expected to learn something new and valuable about day trading. I have been learning about this skill for a few months and I thought taking his course will help me in this regard. I ended up wasting my $3000 on his trashy course. 

He flashes expensive cars, exotic homes and a rich lifestyle to deceive people into thinking he is a legit influencer. The internet is filled with negative reviews of his courses and products. I don’t know why I didn’t read those reviews. Because I know if I had read those reviews, I wouldn’t have bothered to contact this thief. 

It’s a common strategy among these fake gurus. They rent a car and a house and take a couple of photos with them.

Then they start boasting of their expensive lifestyle and how you can achieve the same. 

Some people fall for this scam and pay huge sums to these thugs. 

Steven is a fake guru who sells highly expensive, useless, and trashy courses. You’d be better off studying about day trading from youtube.