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11th Jan, 2022

Erica and Sam Choi (Father & Daughter)

Erica Choi (Sunny Hills Class of 2008, Fullerton, CA) and Sam Choi swindled my dad out of $75,000 back in 2007. My dad was extending his living room and remodeling his guest bedroom in Burbank, California. Sam Choi of SYC Construction showed up and things were looking great, he started the framework and began setting up rebar for cement work. My dad gave Sam 30% down and Sam “continued” to do work for another week or so.

After another 1 ½ week half pass by, Sam asks for another 30% down because he’s going to begin the “expensive” part of the build-out. My dad agreed and gave him another 30%. Next day, Sam disappears, along with all his construction equipment.

My dad panics and calls Sam, a girl answers and she speaks perfect Korean. During a conversation, Erica mentions she just purchased a gun and wants “test it out on someone.” My dad takes that as a threat and starts screaming at her on the phone. She hangs up and the next day, half our framework was demolished.

We reported SYC to the state. Sam claims we fired him because we weren’t happy with the work and we’re just making all this up because we want a refund. The next day, my neighbor told me an Asian girl matching Erica’s description drove up to our house with a Toyota Corolla, exited the vehicle, walked up the driveway, lifted up her skirt, and took a dump in front of our garage. She didn’t even wipe, she ran back down the driveway, got in her car, and drove away.

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11th Jan, 2022

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