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23rd Mar, 2022

Please stay away if you need help !

PLEASE do not used this service it’s a scam. One thing I did not know is that THEY DO NOT REFURN YOUR MONEY, unless it’s a medical emergency (meaning you signed up and you can’t get therapy and must go in person or have another medical reason) for which you have to provide a letter from a doctor.

From the beginning, that’s already suspicious regardless of any reason they have. Not only that, they do not have a number or live chat for customers service. I messaged them 4 days ago and haven’t had and answer.

When it comes to the therapist I had to change 2 times. First one, I waited an entire day for the suggested time line that the therapist should have answered, she never did.

I changed my therapist, the new therapist send me a voice message at 2:30am! Stating that we have to set up a 10 minute video call. I was a bit confused about the time of the message but still replied next morning. I let him know that I was available after 5pm. When I didn’t hear from him the entire day I decided to play with the app, on there you can schedule the VD call. The next available time was Monday, 6 days out ! So I would have to pause my PTSD and Anxiety 6 days to have a 10 min conversation with this man!

I decided to yet again change my therapist and now I messaged customer service. I was hopeful because she text me back within a couple of hours. In the text she (in short) said she would let me know how we would proceed in my treatment. After that nothing else. I did text her back and said when would we start and nothing. 2 days went by.

I emailed customer service yet again ( this is 3rd email no answer in 4 days) that I wanted a refund I haven’t spoken to anyone and paid for a service that I am not getting. They haven’t replied and probably won’t.

I wish I would have researched since they have soooo many complaints on Better Business Bureau.

Whats really sad is that I need help and live in NYC where there just isn’t therapy available. Everyone is tide up with coping with covid.

This company stole my money and did not give me a service when I don’t even have a job right now !

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