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31st Jan, 2020

The Motley Fool - Their Paid Memberships are Horrible

The Motley Fool is a big name in the investment industry. You must’ve seen their advertisements online or in the newspapers. 

They have been operating for many years and have a large following of people who take their advice. The Motley Fool is run by two brothers, Tom Gardner and David Gardner. 

I got interested in their services through their articles. I’ve always been interested in stock trading and their website was filled with many articles that seemed quite helpful. I wanted to jumpstart my investments but I didn’t want to lose all the money I had at the moment. Why would you invest in stocks if you don’t know anything about them? So, I started looking for places where I can learn about stock trading. That’s when I came across Motley Fool’s various membership programs. 

They have at least half a dozen membership programs. Some of them are quite affordable such as the beginner level one called ‘Stock Advisor’, which costs around $99 a year. I tried their Stock Advisor service for a month but it wasn’t any useful. The suggestions were based on the news articles you read in the newspaper. There wasn’t anything unique in those recommendations. The stocks they recommended weren’t any great too. 

Because it was their cheapest membership plan, I thought it was sufficient. After those few weeks, I got their more expensive membership plan, which is called ‘Market Pass’. It cost me $1500 to buy their annual membership but I thought it was worth it. 

I was wrong in thinking so. 

The recommendations I got from their Market Pass were the same as the ones I was getting from Stock Advisor. There wasn’t anything different between the two. I wonder why they are overcharging for a service. The truth is, their highly expensive service is just as fruitless as their cheapest one. 

I was irritated and disappointed. I wanted to learn about stock trading, not lose my money to a bunch of greedy businessmen. But that’s what they are, a pair of greedy and malicious thieves. They are lying to people about their products. 

I still have the membership to their site, but it’s useless to me. The recommendations were terrible and there wasn’t anything else. They claim to give you access to some high-quality reports but I’ve never received any of them and it’s been months since I joined that program.

Obviously, those guys are falsely advertising these various membership programs. Don’t fall for their scam. 

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