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31st Jan, 2022

Fake Accreditation Warning

The TEFL Academy, Dublin, Ireland, is a company that claims to be accredited by a bunch of organizations. They also claim that they offer online TEFL courses which are equivalent to the CELTA certification.

Both claims are a lie. It is a scam.

Lets’ take a look at the above claims.

  1. Accreditation. The TEFL Academy claims that it is accredited by QUALIFI, DEAC, AQC. These are not accreditation bodies. They are just regulatory bodies that have absolutely no connection, whatsoever, with accreditation. If you pay for a The TEFL Academy course, you will be paying for an unaccredited TEFL course.
  2. None of the courses offered by The TEFL Academy are equivalent, in any stretch of the imagination, to the 4-week CELTA certification course. There is an easy way to prove this: try to apply for a teaching job at any school offering the CELTA qualification. We can guarantee that you will be turned down 100% of the time.

The TEFL Academy online TEFL courses might be fine if you want to teach in the UK, but won’t be sufficient enough if you plan on teaching online or teaching overseas.

In addition to the above, The TEFL Academy run their business like a mafia family.

One of their minions tried to leave a review on Trusted TEFL Reviews a while back – laden with marketing lingo.

When we refused to publish the review, the person who wrote the review – Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan – began writing rubbish about Trusted TEFL Reviews on her blog, where she markets The TEFL Academy courses.

Caitriona McTiernan is a Brand Ambassador for The TEFL Academy, and she represents The TEFL Academy. Therefore, when she writes defamatory content about Trusted TEFL Reviews online, The TEFL Academy is in effect writing defamatory content about Trusted TEFL Reviews online.

Trusted TEFL Reviews, btw, is an unbiased TEFL course reviews website. We publish reviews of TEFL courses. We don’t publish reviews written by members of those TEFL course programs.

Our advice would be to avoid The TEFL Academy.

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