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Amelia Lambert
22nd Apr, 2016

A fraud like Madoff

Tim Ferriss: Make Fraud your Profession

There had been hardly any signs of the average worker compensation to plateau for quite a long time even with the overall strengthening economic situation of the country. Most of the income growth had been used by the top-notches of society. This particularly accounts as a perfect example of "capitalism". With this capitalist perception within our society at large, Tim Ferriss found it as the perfect time for condoning a range of inefficient and misinterpreted rules and observations. Ferriss regarded the 9-5 job as an arbitrary version of accomplishing targets and work, which according to him can be changed in any way possible. His basic target of selling his product was the people who were entangled into these sinking feelings, the dreads of their work and incompleteness within their lives. For me, his statements came as a joke when I got to realize the fraud he was doing and the fraud he was selling. With the help of obsessing clichés in his work, he used his saturating pill of the solution; by following his footsteps and becoming a fake expert. His presentation of making your standards of living better was undoubtedly admirable, but it always comes down to the morality and the respect involved with doing the work. If I get to explain the fraud he sold out in a much-summarized manner; it would lead us all to a quite understanding conclusion over his fooling. By combining two or three different psychologically deterrent ideas into a single concussion and then having it presented into any seminar with loads of young minds, this would give a perfect start to a "greater standard of living". Whilst having the idea presented in several different seminars, it should then be written in the form of an article in any trade magazine. Have a website designed for it, which is quite enough to get a person into the business. 

Within this hypothetical discussion and the dirt that Ferriss had been selling under the name of better standards, this all made me and a lot of people like to lose our only bread-winning job. We had issued ourselves so much into the arbitrary system that had been created within the void which made things get worse for us. The absurdity that is present in Ferriss's theory is much aligned with the concepts of capitalism. Having employed different people on the internet for merely promoting your cause on a very low wage is nothing different than the 1% of the people who enjoy the juicy fruits of the overall income of the country's economy. Tim Ferriss's idea had nothing to do with entrepreneurship; it was just another mixture of capitalism that he used to fool people to make the best out of it for himself. It is hard to believe that a 4-hour work week can help you get so wealthy that can make you afford almost everything that you desire in your life. This undoubtedly is a fraud built over illegitimate reasoning.