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28th Jan, 2020

Tim Grittani wasted my $1700!

Tim Grittani is an online scammer who claims to be a day trading expert. He has no idea what trading is. He isn’t making money from stocks. He makes money from the course he sells to others. 

I’m one of the many people he has scammed through his DVD, which he sells for $1700. According to him, the DVD teaches you how he turned his $1,500 into a few millions. Seems like a ‘too good to be true deal’, right?

Well, it is. 

Tim sells his course through his website and there’s literally no information about the DVD there. All you’ll see is a landing page which has two buttons for you to click on. 

I heard about him from some of my friends. We were discussing ways to make money and someone brought trading stocks. We started talking about trading and I told them that I was interested in learning about it. 

One of them recommended me to try out Tim’s content. He said Tim is quite a popular guy. 

Now I know that was a lie. Tim isn’t popular. He is notorious. His DVD has plenty of negative reviews on numerous platforms. And that’s for a lot of great reasons.

His DVD is filled with fluff content. The DVD doesn’t teach you anything about trading stocks. The topics it does cover are pretty basic and you can learn about those concepts with a little browsing on the internet. He claims to show you a bunch of  live trades. But all he does is waste your time. He doesn’t explain anything. And frankly, he doesn’t even care. 

The DVD is clearly a waste of money for anyone. All he cares about is selling it to as many people as possible. 

As I stated earlier, he isn’t making money from trading stocks. He’s making money from selling his DVDs to other people. I was really surprised to see that he still sells DVDs on his website. Who does that in this day and age when people have access to the internet everywhere? Wouldn’t it be better to sell an online course? 

But his product is way terrible for him to keep it as an online course. By selling his course in the DVD format, he is able to deceive people because the person who orders it has to wait for a physical delivery of the product. He doesn’t issue refunds, which is another major red flag.

I lost the $1700 I spent on his DVD. It’s useless. 

Beware of Tim Grittani and his dangerous scam. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned money because of that fool.