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1st Feb, 2020

A Total RIP OFF!! Not Recommended at all!

They were supposed to deliver me an HDMI cable and some other mobile accessories such an OTG cable and a cover for my iPhone. They had a number of exciting offers on each product, so I was happy to buy from them at the time. But out of the 3 products I had ordered on that website, I only received 2 of them. The third one was ‘lost in transit’ and I never heard about it. Tophatter is a total scam. You’d lose the money you spend there. They have attractive offers on their website because they are based in China and they sell duplicates. The HDMI cable I bought from that site didn’t last 2 weeks. I had to buy a new one from a local store. What’s the point of buying from an online store if the product doesn’t last a few weeks? The iPhone cover I had ordered from that place was made of some cheap plastic too. I didn’t use it because it was too terrible. They are selling horrible products there.  Their customer support is the worst!!!

I had to contact those guys multiple times because of the issues I discussed above. First I had to ask them about my third shipment. They told me that they will check my order and they didn’t respond to that message. I tried contacting them through the customer support number they have provided on their website but I found that it doesn’t work. THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT NUMBER DOESN’T WORK!!! So if you order from that place, you’re basically buying stuff from a very shady company that has no customer support. After that conversation about my OTG cable, I never really heard from those guys. I think it’s terrible that such online businesses still exist. You can find plenty of complaints against those guys online. They are notorious for selling cheap/fake products to their customers. I guess they’re still able to run their store because of their sleazy offers. I wouldn’t buy from Tophatter again. And I don’t recommend that store to anyone else. You are better off buying from some local store. Their store might display some attractive offers but they only sell trash, so it’s a win for them. For the customer, it’s the worst nightmare. Tophatter should be banned in the US and other countries. They are a major scam and should be avoided at all costs!

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