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16th Mar, 2022

My experience with them


I have been with UADreams since 2015 , so long story short , these are my experiences :
– Don’t try to divide girls as honest or tricky or good or bad , they are simply all the same , they work with the agency and they are accomplices with this professionally designed scam box ! There is no bride here ! This is just a source for making money for the girls ! Even if there are some honest ones , they are never allowed to meet a guy or talk to a guy directly , these are all controlled by the agency ! So don’t waste your time and money on a super scam agency which has no sympathy or Empathy for you! I have said that before in my 2019 trip to Ukraine , everything is designed to milk you guys by all.means ! You are dealing with a bunch of nationalists who have no dignity or morals , they look at foreigners as a lorry full of paper notes and there want their share by all.means ! there is no emotions or conscience involved !
– I just came back from Ukraine and I did try to meet up with some who were in love with me and wanted to build a life !, None of them accepted the invitation for meeting and they just ran away as soon as they found out that I am already in Ukraine !
– I know many girls who have been with the site for almost 6-7 years ! So ask yourself if they are genuine with their intentions for having a family ! Many of the new girls have already left the site after finding out that this train is going nowhere ! So the left overs are only scammers and gold diggers ! Be my guest, carry on with your adventures and you will be insulted and humiliated ! Why because you are scammed by a bunch of emotional prostitutes ! They don’t worth nothing and you are paying to have love with somebody who can not spell LOVE! You will be amazed when you find out that LOVE doesn’t really play a role in their family life in Ukraine ! They are just good imitators ! They mimic what ever western people say or do to create the sense of genuity, and the loser is you to believe them !
– You probably heard about the Schengen zone in Europe and European economical countries , and that Ukraine has been denied to Join with Europe for many years ! You know why ? Because Ukraine is the source of scam.and corruption in Europe and I can assure you that is the main reason for not being accepted by Europe ! So European governments are aware of what type of people they are dealing with ! Be careful !
– Always remember this when decide to join a dating agency or marriage agency in Ukraine and particularly Uadreams and victoriyaclub, that even local people on streets in Ukraine will laugh at you and how naive you are ! These scam activities are well known and popular in Ukraine !
– I have said this before , I have been living and working in Russian speaking countries for 10 years and after that I have had many trips to again Russian speaking countries . You as a foreigner and particularly from the US and Europe , are just like infants to these people ! They will eat you alive when it comes to playing tricks and scamming ! Just think twice before you carry on with your adventures ! Many people have done this before and the best way for you is to just listen and read carefully and use their experiences instead of making your own experience ! Believe me there have been many smarter guys than you who failed to get to anywhere with these dating agencies ! The only destination was bankruptcy and wasting time !
– As for UADREAM , never forget one simple point, and that is , regardless of how honest or innocent some girls are or whether they want genuinely to marry a foreigner or not , the decision is made by the agency ! So you will never get to see a girl or be in direct contact with a girl ! Unless you have already spent lots of money ! The reason for them to let you meet a girl is to milk you further, and not to let you marry the girl ! These girls are their properties and sourse of income !
The reason why guys say the girl was too cold in the meeting is that, she is not even aware of the communications between you and the her ! Because she is not the one who sends the letters , they can easily pay the girl in the photo for one day or a few hours to meet you and then everything goes back to the same way it was before the meeting !
– Do you really think that a Ukrainian girl can write you all those beautiful letters with nice literature talking about the sun and weather and how their vacation in Caribbean island was fabulous ! You are really naive if you think so ! Even native English people can’t write those letters ! To do so , you should have at least a bachelor degree in English language or literature ! You have been scammed by the translators for years man! Don’t believe even one word from them !
-in 2019 , I could manage to locate a girl in Sumy, I found her working place and also her phone number ! 🙂 Don’t ask how ? I had my connection and most of all I know Russian language ! The girl went crazy and all she wanted to know was how I could do that ! She offered to reconsider relationship if I tell her how I found her ! What was my decision? I didn’t tell her and left the town since I was sure that she would use the info for the future same issues and how to prevent that ! I could easily predict her next moves and she was reporting everything to the agency ! So they learn from us guys , we are the one who fed them and taught to cheat and scam us, by talking about our personal life and what type of idiots we are ! ( sorry ! But that is true )
– I have said this before , if you want a Ukrainian wife or girlfriend you need to be there physically ! You should go to Ukraine and stay there at least for a month’s or two while you are focusing on learning the language ! There is no chance for you to find a wife in Ukraine if you don’t know the language or not present there ! By learning the language you just raise your chance but if you stay there for a while there are.lots of opportunities to meet English speaking girls who are working with tourist agencies or in cafes or restaurants !

So forget about the dating agencies and move on with real life !
I just came back from Kiev , was there for 20 days , had lots of fun, boom boom and also some acquaintance !:) One of them become my guide and we were almost everyday together when she was free from work. I am 55 and I was dating 30 years(I am in good shape though:) ) , considering the fact that there were many more younger candidates who I didn’t really pay attention and almost ignored them.because of age gap ! One more thing , you know that Ukraine is Europe’s Thailand ?

So stop living virtually and inject some real stuff in your life , don’t waste your time and money on Uadreams of Victoriyaclub or any other agencies and if you really want to have a wife or girlfriend from Ukraine , just buy your ticket and go there ! One thing to consider before your trip, don’t go there if you are broke or have no income , they have already got lots of jobless and broke people ! I have seen some young guys there from the US jobless or doing remote work for a few dollars per day and looking for girlfriend ! It doesn’t work that way ! You are a man and should have money in your pocket when you go after girls ! This is the mentality ! But it doesn’t mean that you have to take them to expensive restaurants or buy them luxury gifts ,No , it just means that you have to take care of daily expenses with your girl ! Normal expenses , restaurant , beach , drink, maybe taxi, some normal gifts if you want to stay with her ! Stay away from those gold diggers interested in luxury restaurants or places !

Ask me anything you want and I will gladly answer your questions !

Wish you all luck in your search for love !:)


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