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4th Jan, 2021

Uneeqo Inc Caught Red Handed By SEC! Now On A Trading Suspension

Uneeqo Inc investors are alarmed by the recent trading suspension put on this stock by SEC. Such suspensions are put on stocks and companies commonly for one of the many reasons listed below:

  • Protecting investors

  • Lack of information provided by the company

  • Company provides inaccurate information to the public and its investors

  • Market manipulation

  • Insider trading

These suspensions are a big red flag for the investors to reinvest their money on more reliable and legitimate stocks. While sometimes the SEC has suspended companies for lack of proper paperwork, more often than not, major frauds & schemes were busted during their investigations.

If you were having second thoughts about investing your money in Uneeqo Inc, then I strongly suggest that you go with your intuition.

Uneeqo Inc Might Be Defrauding You

SEC only suspends trades when absolutely necessary. A trading suspension is a big deal, however, brokers and companies try to downplay it. So if you are a stock-holder at this company, then be ready to receive a call from a representative telling you how this suspension is nothing major (if they haven’t already). Do not listen to them. They don’t care about your well being, they just want your money.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid doing business with this company or if you are already a stock-holder, then seriously reconsider your investment.

Uneeqo Inc Trading Suspension Details

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced the temporary suspension, pursuant to Section 12(k) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, of trading of the securities of Uneeqo, Inc. (“Uneeqo”) (OTC: UNEQ) (CIK No. 0001572317), of Las Vegas, Nevada, at 9:30 a.m. EDT on October 22, 2020, and terminating at 11:59 p.m. EST on November 4, 2020. The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of Uneeqo because of questions that have been raised about the accuracy and adequacy of publicly disseminated information concerning, among other things, questions relating to: (1) the accuracy of disclosures regarding certain promissory notes; (2) the accuracy of the Company’s annual financials for the year ended June 30, 2020 and made public on October 14, 2020, including the number of shares available to trade; and (3) unusual trading activity in or around October 2020 affecting the market for Uneeqo’s securities. The Commission cautions brokers, dealers, shareholders, and prospective purchasers that they should carefully consider the foregoing information along with all other currently available information and any information subsequently issued by the company. Further, brokers and dealers should be alert to the fact that, pursuant to Rule 15c2-11 under the Exchange Act, at the termination of the trading suspension, no quotation may be entered unless and until they have strictly complied with all of the provisions of the rule. If any broker or dealer has any questions as to whether or not it has complied with the rule, it should not enter any quotation but immediately contact the staff in the Division of Trading and Markets, Office of Interpretation and Guidance, at (202) 551- 5777. If any broker or dealer is uncertain as to what is required by Rule 15c2-11, it should refrain from entering quotations relating to Uneeqo’s securities until such time as it has familiarized itself with the rule and is certain that all of its provisions have been met. If any broker or dealer enters any quotation that is in violation of the rule, the Commission will consider the need for prompt enforcement action. If any broker, dealer or other person has any information that may relate to this matter, they should immediately contact Amy Gwiazda, Assistant Director, at (617) 573-8839. The Commission appreciates the assistance of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Have Information On Uneeqo Inc?

Investors and staff members who are associated with Uneeqo Inc can contribute a lot to this open forum by sharing their experience with this company. Companies who receive trading suspensions or warnings from the SEC contact their investors and persuade them to think that these actions are not a big deal which is a total lie. Your comment can help someone avoid financial ruin.

Original Date: Oct. 22, 2020

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