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This complaint was posted on NAS on 1st Feb, 2022 and is a permanent record located here: .

NameandShame Author
1st Feb, 2022

Do not trust ValForex!!!!!!!!!!!!

ValForex is really damaging the reputation of companies and they get away with it. These are in fact the BEST scamming site, I have to give it to them. People are so afraid of being scammed that they will BELIEVE these people. They have caused a company I know so much damage, because if you Google them, they come up with say (Company name so and so) is a scam! Do not trust the “reviews” of these people. If you don’t believe me, follow the steps, so you can get to the part where you have to PAY! Very clever, very cunning and very dangerous! Read this review:

Am new to this guys but I wondered if anyone else can shed some light on this or correct me if I’m totally wrong:

I came across an online review site called which seems to try and replicate the success of ForexPeaceArmy by offering a “safe haven” for people who have been scammed. BUT unlike the FPA who do a great job, I wondered if anyone can back me up here in my assessment the owner of VALFOREX.COM who is a Mr Warren Ouma?

From looking at the website, it seems that Warren Ouma has given MANY damming reviews of many legitimate companies and educators out there… BUT is VERY quick to promote MANY DUBIOUS services including binary options companies – many of whom are arguably scams themselves. It seems he is just lining his own pockets through dragging other people’s names through the mud and promoting his own very questionable services.

What is ironic is this guy, who even sells his own products, yet he has:
NO trading track-record,
NO testimonials
NO broker statements to prove his skills,
NO any evidence of being published anywhere other than his own website (he claims to have been published via

I personally think Warren Ouma writes slanderous and defamatory reviews of others in the industry to grab attention and gain the position of “expert” while peddling his own material. This makes him a HYPOCRITE!! While he blasts well-know educators like Rob Booker for recommending his favourite broker, VALFOREX recommend and peddle brokers which have some very dodgy reputations!!

On his profile it reads: Warren Ouma is a highly regarded Trader, Author, Critique, Blockchain analyst, Investor & Coach with over 7+ years experience trading the financial markets. He currently mentors students from various parts of the word. In 2016, Warren won the Million Dollar Trader Competition, achieving an impressive 350% return. Warren regularly contributes to well known financial websites and publications including,, FX Street, MoneyShow, and more

But I cannot find this guy anywhere else!! He most definitely does NOT appear on:, FX Street, MoneyShow.

But am I being too harsh?

I have written to him floating this…but as I predicted, no response. How convenient.

I look forward to any feedback!

Thank you.

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