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Name and Shame



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1st Feb, 2020

Don’t apply for a visa through VFS Global! They will steal your money!!

I applied for a Canadian visa through VFS Global last year. And it was the worst experience I’ve had with any service provider. I had read all about the required documents and papers for my visa application so I wouldn’t face much difficulty during the process. I had chosen VFS Global specifically because they are a big name and I didn’t want to take any risks with my application. It’s a tedious process and I’ve heard stories of how people’s applications get rejected for different reasons. 

So I contacted VFS Global and they told me the list of the required documents and everything. I sent them the papers and the processing fee, which was three times the required payment for getting a Canadian visa in my country.

But I thought they are more reliable than others and will get the process done faster so I didn’t hesitate in paying them extra. I didn’t know they are a dangerous criminal organization. VFS Global charges expensive fees but doesn’t take care of your visa application. When I applied for my visa through VFS Global, it got rejected. And the thing is, they didn’t even tell me that. I had to wait for weeks!

I got really hopeless after I realized my visa application got rejected. I thought with VFS Global, I had some solid chances of getting my visa. But after getting some suggestions from my friends, I applied for a Canadian visa again, through a different service provider. 

Lucky for me, this time, I got the visa. It got me thinking that maybe VFS Global never really processed my visa application. They were supposed to send my papers and details to the required offices but I don’t think they did. 

The service provider who got my visa approved told me that there wasn’t anything problematic with my application. And he thought I was applying for the first time. I believe VFS Global is filled with lazy and greedy officials who don’t do their jobs and only care about the money they receive from their customers. 

I don’t recommend taking their services. If you’re looking for any country’s visa, contact someone else. This way, at least you wouldn’t have to pay extra. These guys charge triple the usual prices for no reason. They might have offices everywhere but that could be because they are rich. And they are rich because they steal from people like you and I.