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31st Jan, 2020

VSource is Terrible

There are many people who claim to be experts in making money online. Some of them could be legit but most of the time, they are scammers. I found this out through the hard way. VSource is one of those programs (or tools) that claim to teach you a new way to make money online. Mark Bishop, the creator of this tool, claims on its website that you can easily make $1000 per month as passive income with the help of this tool. 

This guy is lying to you about his product. It costs $65 (more or less, depending on the pack you buy) to use VSource. On his website, he shows multiple videos and whatnot to convince you that it works. 

But the reality is, VSource is a terrible product that doesn’t work. The money you spend on using it will go to waste. Mark also claims on its website that you don’t have to do much when you’re using VSource. You can make money through the content of other people and do affiliate marketing at the same time. 

He claims that you will start making money within a week. But that’s a blatant lie because I’ve been using VSource for 2 months and I haven’t earned a single penny from it.

VSource is just Mark’s way to make a fool out of people like you and I. I had bought VSouce because I wanted to get into affiliate marketing. Although I saw a few negative reviews of this product, I didn’t mind them because I was very interested in giving it a try. On the website, everything looks so easy that I didn’t even hesitate in buying this product. I had bought the smallest pack which let me use VSource for 3 sites.

At first, everything was going smooth, I had to spend around $100 in building a new website, getting the domain and hosting. VSource made a horrible-looking website for me within a few minutes and like Mark claims, I hoped it would start getting traffic and make me money within a few days. 

But that didn’t happen. I waited and hoped that someone would visit my site but nothing happened. VSource wasn’t working. 

I thought there was something wrong with that niche, so I built another website with VSource, which cost me extra. But that didn’t help me either. 

VSource doesn’t work. Don’t waste your precious time and money on this cheap software. 

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